Olsson: Millions Album Preview


This Friday sees Swedish extraordinaire Olsson drop his debut album through Universal. What is even more impressive is the fact he is a triple threat, not only is Olsson a talented singer/ songwriter but he produces his own work as well. Actually he’s worked with the likes of Charli XCX, Seeb, Jacob Banks to name but a few.

Olsson has already released the sublime Hold On which features Mapei last year, then this February saw Olsson drop the sumptuous sophomore One In A Million and recently he unleashed his third single Ca M’Est Egal. Now these succulent songs have seen him achieve high profile acclaim from the likes of The Sun, Zane Lowe, Noisey, Thump and Resident Advisor, while clocking up over 1.4 million plays on Spotify.

Here is what Olsson had to say regarding Millions “I wanted to capture the feeling you had when you listened to music for the first time when you were a teenager. It was all new, playful and you were never sure what the fuck would happen next. Music is the ultimate playground. You can´t control it”.

Back to the album in question, I’ve been lucky enough to preview this record before it hits the shelves this Friday and I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed. Aside from that this amazing album compromises of 12 tasty tracks and the choice of opener was the sensational Hold On. Released last year, the upbeat Hold On is dance floor anthem aided by enticing lyrics, sensual strings and Olsson’s captivating vocal tones. This tune also features another talented Swede and this being Mapei. Now her sassy vocals brings a hip hop flavour to this sumptuous song. Ca M’Est Egal oozed plenty of indie pop vibes. Actually from listening I’m reminded of bands such as The Stone Roses and Arctic Monkeys. Those delightful lyrics were incredibly entrancing and Olsson’s smooth vocal tones transported me back to the 90’s Britpop Era. The Heat was an hypnotising jam which resonated plenty of indie rock vibes, Olsson’s vocals were sublime and those catchy lyrics packed a punch. Parts of this compelling cut made me envision Kasabian. Fool For Love was a chilled out number which left me in a daze. I found Olsson’s sumptuous vocal tones to be rather smooth and at the same time they literally mellowed me out. One In A Million was sun blushed synth pop aided by mesmerising feel good lyrics and a refreshing vocal delivery. The melody can quite easily have you grooving on the spot. Satellite (Only Analog Talks) was a majestical piece of perfection, those gorgeous vocals were incredibly breathtaking and the lyrics were contagious at the same time. Culver was so hypnotic, this wondrous tune was drenched in plenty of synthy goodness, Olsson’s mesmerising vocals were a breath of fresh air and those delectable lyrics reeled me in. Silent War was so dreamy, those shimmering synth led vocals had the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. Go Out was a fresh and funky cut aided by compelling lyrics and stupendous vocals which packed a fierce punch. Grace Jones was a glitzy tune which I fell for hook, line and sinker. Olsson’s delectable vocal tones left me in an utter trance. This tune was a danceable anthem packed with plenty of swagger. I found the lovely Take Your Time to be rather gentle, those lyrics had me hooked from the word go whist the impeccable vocals were pleasant on my ear. To cut the story short Take Your Time was a synth lovers dream. The impeccable Aye Aye ended what had been an exquisite album. Now this tune was perfectly pop with splashes of soul which resulted in something which rendered me speechless.

All in all Millions is an extraordinary record that compromises of 12 tantalising tracks. Above were my first thoughts of each featured song and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. On my first listen I was left well and truly hooked, when it comes to picking a favourite Silent War and Aye Aye edge it slightly closely followed by Get Out.

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