Lolahiko: Funeral (Joseph Pepe Remix) Single Review


Lolahiko consists of Lauren Marie (vocals) and Ike Kawaguchi (production). Their band name is a combination Lauren and Ike’s middle name, Tochihiko. This dazzling duo met in 2015 and they’ve already released an EP. The Year We Died but Stayed Alive compromised of 6 tasty tracks and these being the likes of Everleigh, Plastic, Guts, Filthy Soul and the sophomore single Murderer.

This talented twosome are based in Los Angeles and I came across them having viewed the extremely eerie signed music video for debut single Funeral . Now this song was made available to purchase on iTunes September 2016, the follow up single Murderer was released a month later.

A couple of days ago Lolahiko unleashed the Joseph Pepe Remix of the delectable debut single. Now this remix is a perfectly produced piece of perfection which packs a weighty punch. Lauren Marie’s entrancing but delicate vocals were on point and there was an eeriness to those deliciously dark lyrics “Just don’t cry at my Funeral/ I’ve already died it’s a Funeral/ What’s the point in crying/ I’ve already done the dying”.

Official Site


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