Tape Machines: Dirty Linen Sheets Single Preview



There is something mysterious about Tape Machines, their identity is shrouded in secrecy. All I can say is this duo compromise of 2 Swedish producers whom were tired of the industries complications and they came together with the desire to release amazing music.

Based in Stockholm, this two piece unleash their debut single on 20th May. The end product being Dirty Linen Sheets and this is a sublime piece of synth pop. This tantalising tune had been perfectly produced and those sumptuous soaring vocals were sugary sweet (I’m picturing Tape Machines being a male/ female duo). The lyrics were sultry as they had me picturing two strangers coming together for one night of passion, then it leads to falling for that person and getting into a relationship with them “We started out as one night lovers/ Swear I didn’t mean to fall for you/ Stuck between our heartbeats/ You and me Dirty Linen Sheets”. Here is what they have to say regarding this upbeat cut “Dirty Linen Sheets is about that one nighter that suddenly turned into something more. You wake up in a bed, a new reality you never saw coming”.

Now I love my Scandi Pop and I’m extremely excited for Tape Machines’s future.



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