Steph Copeland: Nadia Single Review


Coming all the way from Toronto, Canada is the incredibly talented Steph Copeland. She is a triple threat, not only is she a sublime singer/ songstress but Steph is also a horror film composer. Since 2013, she’s scored 12 features for Black Fawn Films (Antisocial 1 & 2, Bite, Bed of The Dead, Let Her Out, The Drownsman) and Foresight Features (The Hexecutioners, Ejecta, Hellmouth). Plus Copeland’s worked on countless projects for both film and television. Though she had found her niche composing horror films, Steph found that her passion for creating her own original music had not dissipated.

We then get to 2015 and that’s when she released debut album Public Panic which the Ontario Arts Council funded. This delightful electro pop record compromised of 11 tasty tracks showcasing Copeland’s sensational songwriting skills.

Earlier this year Steph teamed up with Freek van Workum for the single Little Boxes. Everything about that funky masterpiece was top notch, those luscious lyrics had me hooked from the word go and then you had Copeland’s sugary sweet vocal tones which left me captivated.

Yesterday (2nd May) Steph Copeland premiered the music video for Nadia via Myspace. This is the newest single taken from the album Public Panic and it’s an extraordinary song. Nadia was directed by Jeff Maher and it was shot in the busy and charming streets of Sitges, Spain. Now the music video for Nadia had been perfectly produced, it actually plays out like a short mini movie. Along with beautiful visuals this vibrant video follows Nadia as she walks down the streets of Sitges, Spain.

Regarding this tune, Nadia was a well written piece of perfection. Steph Copeland has a real gift when it comes to songwriting. Anyways this was a charming track which left me well and truly hypnotised. Those lyrics were hauntingly beautiful and Steph’s hushed/ delicate smooth vocals were sticky sweet.

Public Panic can be purchased from iTunes

Official Website


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