Daily Dig: Hyleen



Hyleen Gil is a mega talented singer/ songstress who comes all the way Cannes, France. She’s a self-taught musician who started playing guitar at an early age in her brother’s band. When the latter left home to study full time, Hyleen decided to follow her own path and be her own artist: she found herself writing and composing her first songs. Later on, Hyleen studied musicology at university and then decided to attend the National Conservatory in Paris to broaden her musical horizons even further. For two years she honed her skills as a vocalist, guitarist and singer/songwriter. Whilst studying at the Conservatory, she started working on her solo project and debuted her new music to enthusiastic crowds across France.

Way back in 2013 Gil made her introduction into the musical world with the release of debut Welcome EP. This record featured 3 gorgeous tracks, these being Just A Smile, I Believe and Lenny Kravitz cover You’re The Last It’s Over. Now the Welcome EP was sun blushed soul, Hyleen’s vocals were incredibly distinctive and reminded me of the late Amy Winehouse.

A year later Hyleen unleashed her debut LP and this being U & I. Now this record included amazing guest features such as Omar, Frank McComb and Chris Dave (Adele, Erykah Badu) on drums. Now this full length compromised of 11 tracks, you had 4 different versions of Can You Love Me and you also had Gil’s very own take on Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. I would class this record as being refreshing soulful pop. Anyhow U & I opened up with the impeccable Can You Love Me and this was a whimsical effort. Gil’s vocal tones were smooth like butter and at the same time they fully relaxed me. Also I have to mention the spoken word rap, now there is something about foreign music which leaves me utterly entranced. Digression I was a fresh and funky extension of Can You Love Me, Hyleen’s rich vocal tones oozed plenty of soul and this tune can easily get you grooving on the spot. Wake Up Your Mind featured Frank McComb and this wondrous cut oozed plenty of summery pop vibes. Out of all the 11 tracks which featured this has to be my favourite. Digression II is merely a refreshing interlude and this then leads into the marvelous Music By Intravenous. Now this cut features Marcus Parker and the results are incredible. This delightful number was literally an upbeat soulful jam and Gil’s succulent vocals radiated plenty of sass. After you then have the majestical Digression III. Just like the 1st Digression this was a continuation of Music By Intravenous. I’m Your Trouble was a soulful epic, Gil’s vivacious vocals were sugary sweet and the pace was extremely smooth. Next you had three versions of Can You Love Me, first up was the Radio Edit and this was then followed up by the Acoustic Mix which I found to be extremely refreshing. This stripped back version of this phenomenal track left me in a complete daze. Then you had the Throwback Gotta Remix which was a 11 minute perfectly produced cut. U & I then reaches its conclusion with Hyleen’s soulful R&B take on Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. She definitely did this glitzy tune complete justice.

The Welcome EP, Elusive EP and the debut LP U & I is available from iTunes. Just search for Hyleen Gil

Following the release of U & I, Hyleen left her native country to introduce her music to new audiences across the world, through a series of shows. Surrounded by her musicians Nicolas Viccaro on drums and Julien Boursin on keys and Moog-Bass, Hyleen has performed in Japan, India, Polynesia, USA and many European countries. Hyleen has then supported household names such as Jarrod Lawson and Anthony David.

April 2017 saw Hyleen unleash her brand new single Looking At via La Note Bleue Productions. Looking At is the lead single from upcoming sophomore B Side, this exquisite LP came out in Japan on 26th April. B Side wont be unleashed in Europe until the end of this year.

Anyways Looking At is a tantalising taster of what to expect from the upcoming record. Now this tune oozed plenty of sleek soulful vibes and those lyrics were incredibly blissful. Regarding Hyleen’s blissful vocals I found them to be rather rich and they were reminiscent to both Amy Winehouse and Gabriella Cilmi. Now Gil has crafted something that is utter perfection, you had vibrant verses and a funky upbeat chorus. Just listening to this enthralling tune makes me anticipate hearing more from her in the future.

The music video for Looking At has been directed by Hyleen and her brother Hadrien Besse.  Hyleen had this to say about this compelling cut ‘This song is a silent dialogue between two people, a dialogue between their eyes – it is still more intense than any words can describe’.

Looking At is available to purchase from iTunes, just search for Hyleen.



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