Olsson: Ca M’Est Egal Single Review


Ca M’Est Egal is the latest song from Swedish songwriter and producer extraordinaire OLSSON. This tantalising track is an instant grat with pre-orders of the forthcoming debut album Millions, out May 12th through Universal.

‘Ca M’Est Egal’ follows lead single ‘One In A Million’ and ‘Hold On’, which feature are on the upcoming debut album. These two tunes have seen OLSSON achieve high profile support from the likes of Zane Lowe, Noisey, Thump, Resident Advisor and more with their release.

Regarding ‘Ca M’est Egal’ OLSSON says, “It´s a relationship record in conversational format. To myself and my mental health, to my love life, to the world around me, my addictions and anxiety. It´s about isolation, paranoia, but mainly capturing the disturbed, smashed state of mind when you´re out at 3am and don´t give a fuck. You drink and dial your ex-girlfriend multiple times with nothing but bad luck, but still you couldn’t care less. You feel undefeatable but you’re already down on the ground. The expression ‘Ca M’est Egal’ means “whatever” in French and was frequently used by my half-french ex-girl”.

This number is an anthem in the making and it oozed plenty of indie pop vibes. Actually from listening I’m reminded of bands such as The Stone Roses and Arctic Monkeys. Everything about Ca M’Est Egal was spot on, those delightful lyrics were incredibly entrancing and Olsson’s smooth vocal tones transported me back to the 90’s Britpop Era. The song also features the heated lyricism of Swedish rapper Daniel Adams-Ray. All in all this cut is rather promising and it has me anticipating the imminent release of Millions.

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