Charlotte Bash: Leave Single Review


Born and raised in Los Angeles you have the delightful Charlotte Bash. Now she spent much of her youth exploring the music scene, eventually graduating from Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music where she trained as an opera singer. Her undeniable talents have given her the chance to grace the stage alongside artists like Sara Bareilles and Aaron Carter — in both national and international venues.

Charlotte is a succulent songstress who made her emergence way back in 2013. Back then she released her first E.P., Journey to Me. 30th June 2017 will see Charlotte release her debut LP Princess Game. Now this amazing album will infuse electro pop with synth and indie pop.

The lead single from Princess Game is Leave and this blissful tune left me well and truly hooked. Now this was synth pop at its best, firstly the melody is extremely hypnotic and secondly Bash’s vocals were incredibly distinctive. Now the lyrics are sheer genius, the vivacious verses were splendid and then you had the glistening highly contagious chorus “If you caught me, I won’t bleed/ I won’t cry, won’t let you see/ I’m going to the count of three/ You better Leave/ Take back your promises and Leave/ All of those lies you said to me/ I’m going to the count of three/ You better Leave”.

This well written piece of perfection revolves around a toxic relationship and Bash is trying to put an end to it.

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