GIRLI @ Electrowerkz 11th April 2017



Headlining a sold out show at London’s Electrowerkz was the sublime GIRLI. Now the voice behind the moniker is 19 year old Milly Toomey and she’s a sassy songstress who has a host of original material underneath her belt.

The sublime set consisted of 12 tasty tunes and the whole set up was an utter spectacle. Things kicked off around 9.10pm, the pink curtain came down to reveal a pink bedroom. Both Milly and DJ “Rosalie” Kitty jumped off the bed, the tune that they opened up with was Asboys. Now GIRLI is a mixture of pop meets rap which is a wondrous combination. Now this song paints the picture of the stereotypical London bad boy who does drugs and gets on the wrong side of the law. Asboys was an entrancing number which oozed bundles of energy. Those delectable lyrics were so sassy and infectious. The upbeat verses were sublime and the chorus packed a punch “Coz you’re an asboy/ Through and through/ Boris bikes allude you/ Council flats and beds for two/ Shooting up and sniffing glue”.  Once over it was then straight into Girls Get Angry Too. Now this was a fierce rap esque cut aided by thumping beats and contagious lyrics “Don’t tell me that I’m super cute/ I’m a samurai princess/ I’ll smash you”. Basically you wouldn’t want to get on GIRLI’s bad side. Still this was one exquisite number and Milly’s vocals were pure perfection. She can really spit out rhymes and this cut was delivered with plenty of gusto. “My name is GIRLI and this is my sexy hype girl DJ Kitty. And we’re here to have a fucking good time. Out of the crowd who here is still at school? Who here really likes school?. I fucking hated school, cos everyone hated me and all my teachers hate me” Toomey then said before revealing that she wrote Note To My Sis for her younger sister Nell. Anyways this was a dreamy ballad with luscious lyrics which had me hooked from the get go. Those impeccable lyrics formed an inspirational speech from Milly to her little sister “I know that it sucks/ I know that girl’s a bitch/ I know you would rather run away than fuck this shit/ I know school is weird/ I know they take the piss/ I know you don’t believe me when I say you’ll miss this/ I know it’s pointless, to freak about it/ Believe me when I say you’ll miss this/ I know it’s pointless, to talk about it/ Believe me when I say you’ll miss this”. This was one exceptional song and Toomey’s rapped vocals were candy coated.


“This next song I wrote because when you wear all pink and you walk out with pink hair. You wear what the fuck you want to wear. Because you are you and no one can tell you to do whatever the fuck they want you to wear. Sometimes people give you shit for it. People are always going to give a shit that they don’t understand or know any different. Don’t let that ever change you” Milly said before delving into the newest GIRLI single. Well this was Not That Girl which was a real crowd pleaser. Literally everyone was singing along to those super catchy lyrics. There was even a special guest and this being Raquel from Dream Wife whose band remixed this classy cut. Those vibrant verses were incredibly upbeat but my favourite part had to be the blitzing hook “I’m really sorry that I’m not the girl/ Who would give the world just to be your girl/ It’s kinda funny that you’re on your own/ It’s kinda funny that you’re even asking me/ I’m really sorry if my dirty tights/ Make you think that you’re gonna score tonight/ It’s kinda funny that you’re on your own/ It’s kinda funny that you’re even asking me”. Still this was a sensational cut which easily has you moving on the spot. “This song is about a shitty neighbour” Toomey said before launching into Mr 10pm Bedtime. Now this delightful song was rapped bubble gum pop. Those sizzling lyrics were extremely quirky and incredibly contagious at the same time  “Don’t tell me one more time/ That I’ve been trashing you’re bedtime/ I hear you knock, knock, knock on the door and you let me know/ Pipe down or you’ll have to go/ Baby don’t tell me you’re too old/ To have a little fun sometime”. This was a fun filled number which GIRLI delivered to perfection. Once over it was then onto the fresh and funky Too Much Fun. This tune was literally a wonderful mixture of pop meets rap. The delectable verses were sung at a fast pace whilst I found the smooth club like chorus to be rather hypnotising “In my dream you take me to the side/ In my dream you say you’ve got feelings you can’t hide/ I wish one day my dream could be in real life/ Coz in my dream I never wanna close my eyes/ In my dream you call me come and chill at mine/ In my dream it’s me and you all of the time/ I wish one day my dream could be in real life/ Coz in my dream I never wanna close my eyes”. All in all this was tasty number painting the picture of a wild night out.


“The next song is a new one from my new EP. It’s quite a dancey song so we’re going to be slut dropping like nobody’s business” Toomey said before going into the title track from the Feel OK EP and this being Feel OK. This tune had a tropical feel and those glittering lyrics were extremely refreshing. It actually reminded me of Charli XCX from the True Romance era “I don’t wanna be your lover/ But I kinda want you to stay/ I just wanna be remembered/ We’re gonna make Feel OK/ I don’t wanna have your number/ But I don’t want you to walk away/ I just wanna be remembered/ We’re gonna make you Feel OK”. Now this enthralling cut had been well crafted and the performance involved plenty of slut dropping. I for one cannot wait to have the new EP on my iPhone. Once over it was time for the retro sounding Girl I Met On The Internet. This tune was ever so blissful aided by smooth dreamy vocals. The whole melody had me swaying on the spot and the delectable lyrics left me in a complete daze  “Oh it will happen like it does in the shows/ I like her eyes and she’ll like my clothes/ Ask for her digits and I start to sweat/ She’ll become the Girl I Met On The Internet”. Infused to the ending you had the impeccable Find My Friends. This was a heavy sounding track which revolved around losing your friends at a shitty party and trying to find them. The lyrics were sheer perfection and the whole vocal delivery was top notch. I especially liked it when Milly came into the audience searching for her friends. Hot Mess was a phenomenal fierce fast paced cut. Plenty of energy radiated from Toomey’s performance. Still this had been well piece together as the verses left me spellbound “They say I’m a Hot Mess/ I don’t care what they say”. Hot Mess is an anthem in the making.


“So when I was 16 I met this American musician he was from LA. Basically we sorta dated for a bit and then he told me he had a girlfriend back in America. The funny bit of the story is that a few months later he had a show, he played here at Electrowerkz but he played the smaller venue downstairs. I went to this gig with one of my best friends and she pretended to be my girlfriend. We stood in the front row of his gig and made out the whole time. Because of that he fucked up his lyrics. So if you ever encounter a fuckboy go to his gig and make out with a female best friend. t solves everything” Milly Toomey mentioned before launching into Fuck Right Back Off To LA. The verses were rap fuelled whilst the chorus was sugary mellowing bubble gum pop “I hope she gives you love/ Like the groupies do/ I hope she gives you love/ Now I’m thinking Fuck You”. This was one massive anthem which involved plenty of jumping up and down on the spot with the middle finger up in the air. “I can see that she likes you/ Like you liked me/ I texted Fuck Off/ Go away/ Fuck right back off to L.A”.

“I don’t believe in encores because when you go off you’re fucking tired. You don’t come back on. So this is our actual last song. If you want to join us on stage, that’s an option too” Milly Toomey said before launching into So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya?. Delivered with plenty of gusto this was the perfect way to end such an epic evening. The chorus was literally unforgettable “Do you know what you’ve got instore/ Maybe soon you’ll know there’s a whole lot more/ Cause I don’t really like you with all that I’m sure/ I think it’s time we need to settle the score/ So you think you can fuck with me do ya/ So you think you could bend the rules/ So you think you could act like a loser”.


Girls Get Angry Too
Note To My Sis
Not That Girl
Mr 10pm Bedtime
Too Much Fun
Feel OK
Girl I Met On The Internet
Find My Friends
Hot Mess
Fuck Right Back Off To LA
So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya?


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