ÄNGIE @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen 5th April 2017


Coming all the way from Sweden you have the sensational Ängie, at this moment in time she has 3 releases to her name these being Smoke Weed Eat Pussy, Housewife Spliffin’ and most recently Spun. The Daily Star even dubbed her as the most controversial star they’ve ever seen. Now April’s edition of Gold Dust saw Ängie make her UK debut at London’s Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.


“Hey London. It’s the first time I’m here so it’s so nice to be here” Ängie said before opening up with Smoke Weed Eat Pussy. This was the first single to be released in 2016 and it was a real treat to witness it live. Smoke Weed Eat Pussy was an upbeat synth rap/ pop jam, Ängie’s vocals were sugary sweet and those entrancing lyrics were packed with plenty of attitude “I smoke weed, eat pussy everyday /And I’ve always been at this game/ We have fun when we play this game/ Everybody knows my name/ We have fun when we play this game/ And I will never be your baby/ Cause I’m a motherfucking lady/ I hit the blunt like I’m slim shady/ Yeah I’m a motherfucking lady”. The phenomenal Smoke Weed Eat Pussy was a tune that had been well crafted as those upbeat lyrics left me hooked and then you had the punchy synth melody which had me moving on the spot. “We’re going to play another song about an ex boyfriend” Ängie’ then mentioned before launching into The Boss. All I can say about this number is wow. Now The Boss was whimsical chilled out pop, those delightful lyrics were smooth and Ängie’s gorgeous vocal tones made me have visions of Lana Del Rey Also those luscious lyrics were rather steamy “We can be together/ We can do it all/ Drink some wine in the back of your car/ Kiss and touch and feeling me up/ I wont never let you stop/ You can be The Boss, baby you can be The Boss/ You can be The Boss, baby you can be The Boss”. Once over it was then time for the gorgeous Never Coming Down. This sparkling newie was an hypnotising piece of perfection. Also it sampled a snippet of Wyclef Jean’s 911 “Someone please call 911/ Never Coming Down”. Once over it was then onto the 2nd single “Now we’re going to play Housewife Spliffin’. Has somebody heard Housewife Spliffin’?” Ängie then asked the audience. Anyhow this was a charming tune drenched in plenty of synthy goodness. Housewife Spliffin’ had been pieced together perfectly, those lyrics grabbed my complete attention then you had Ängie’s smooth and dreamy vocals which had me swaying from side to side. Once over it was then onto We Run “This is one of my favourite songs” Ängie then said before diving into this delectable cut. Where do I start, We Run is a majestical number with fresh and funky lyrics which left me completely enthralled “We Run/ We Run/ We Run/ While we start to see the sun”. Then you had Ängie’s sleek but sweet vocal delivery which left me spellbound. “We’re going to play my 3rd ever recorded song” Angie mentioned to the audience before delving into Dope which was about Dope. Delivered to perfection, this was an electrifying song with spectacular lyrics which left me in a complete trance. Also those exquisite vocals packed a weighty punch. “And now the grand finale” Ängie then said before ending with the latest single Spun. This was a magical cut which Ängie faultlessly delivered, her vocals were sweet like cinnamon and those delectable lyrics uplifted me. Whilst the verses were spectacular my favourite part had to be the blissful anthem esque chorus “I’m spun, hit me up, light me up, then we can go for the crime/ I’m spun, candy eyes in the night, babe, you might like my vibe/ I’m spun, put a line on the time tracks, you stay on my grind/ So spun, so spun, so spun”.


Smoke Weed Eat Pussy
The Boss
Never Coming Down
Housewife Spliffin’
We Run

OVERALL: Ängie is an impeccable Swedish singer who has bundles of potential. Everything about the performance was top notch, the vocals were impeccable and each song showcased was a sheermasterpiece. Now Ängie was also accompanied by three other members who provided the beats/ harmonies.

Aside from that the singles Smoke Weed Eat Pussy, Housewife Spliffin’ and Spun are utter spectacles. But having witnessed tunes such as The Boss, Never Coming Down, We Run and Dope heightens my anticipation for either an album or EP.


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