Steph Copeland: Little Boxes Single Review

31st March saw Canadian Steph Copeland unleash her brand new single Little Boxes and it’s a sheer piece of perfection. Now this tune sees Copeland pair up with Freek van Workum and the overall outcome shows plenty of promise.

Not only is Copeland a superb singer/ songstress but she’s also a horror film composer. Since 2013, she has been writing scores for Black Fawn Films (Antisocial 1 & 2, Bite, Bed of The Dead, Let Her Out, The Drownsman) and Foresight Features (The Hexecutioners, Ejecta, Hellmouth). She’s even scored commercials for clients such as PanAm Games, Bose, Mina Halal, and the National Ballet School of Canada.

I must point out, Steph Copeland is no stranger to the world of music. Back in 2015 she released debut album Public Panic which the Ontario Arts Council funded. This delightful record compromised of 11 tasty tracks which oozed plenty of electro pop goodness.

Back to the single in question. Little Boxes is a well written piece of perfection, those luscious lyrics had me hooked from the word go and then you had Steph’s chilled out sugary sweet vocal tones resulting in something rather hypnotising.

To sum things up the fresh/ funky Little Boxes was well crafted masterpiece and I for one cannot wait to see/ hear what the rest of 2017 brings Steph Copeland.

Little Boxes is available to purchase on iTunes

Official Website



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