Catherine McGrath @ The Social 27th March 2017



Catherine McGrath is a talented singer/ songstress who comes from County Down, Northern Ireland but is now based in London. Signed to Warner Brothers Records this sublime country pop artist has already released the acoustic One EP last December and her sophomore is incoming.

After Catherine pulled out of January’s Never Fade Sessions due to illness, she was promptly re booked for the March edition.

“Hi. So my name’s Catherine McGrath and I moved here like a year and a half ago because I wanted to start writing songs full time. I really really wanted to do music and so I’m going to sing some songs that I’ve written and some songs I really love that kind of got me into music” McGrath said before getting stuck into Hell Would Have To Freeze Over. I’ve got nothing but praise for this outstanding original, Catherine’s vocal tones were super sweet and she easily transformed these heartbreaking lyrics into something beautiful. Those story telling lyrics had me picturing a girl getting her heart broken and instead of giving the boy another chance she sets him a series of impossible tasks. This then led to the bitter chorus “Hell Would Have To Freeze Over/ Drink will start making you sober/ You would have to find me a 5 leaf clover/ Before I let you back in my heart/ Every war would have to be over/ The sun will start getting colder/ You’ll have to catch me a Supernova/ Before I let you back in my arms”. Now Catherine faultlessly delivered this glitzy tune at ease and the fact she only had an acoustic guitar accompanying her left me in an utter daze. “If you’ve ever have been on a diet and you’re like I’m going to stop eating chocolate and then you eat chocolate again a few hours later and you’re like starting from now. And then you just like have a few do overs. So I did that with a person where I was like right I’ve done with this guy, I’m not going to talk to him again. Then I talked to him again and I was like starting from now. It would keep happening over and over” McGrath mentioned before getting stuck into the whimsical Starting From Now. Everything about this classy cut was pure perfection, Catherine’s gorgeous vocal tones were sugary sweet and those luscious toe tapping lyrics mesmerised me “Starting From Now/ I don’t answer your calls/ Starting From Now/ I don’t open that door/ But we both know that you’re coming over/ Like you did six times before/ Starting From Now/ I won’t let you back in/ I said it before/ But this time I mean it/ Till I’m waking up beside you saying I’ll never do that again/ Starting From Now”. Once over it was then time for a cover and this being Sugarland’s Baby Girl. Catherine McGrath flawlessly delivered this number, those luscious lyrics were contagious and then you had Catherine’s charming sweet vocal tones which left me transfixed. “Dear Mom and Dad/ Please send money/ I’m so broke that it ain’t funny/ Well I don’t need much just enough to get me through/ And Please don’t worry cause I’m alright/ I’m playing here at the bar tonight/ This time I’m gonna make our dreams come true/ Well I love you more than anything in the world/ Love, Your baby girl”. Anyways McGrath completely owned this number and after there was a rapturous applause. “I went to Nashville for the first time last year because I became obsessed with country music when I was 12 years old. I was like I really need to go there because everybody there loves the same kind of music as me and it’s going to be a beautiful place where everybody says Hey Y’all and there’s fireflies. It actually was like that, it’s like a little dream world. I got to write a song whilst I was out there with one of my favourite song writers, she’s called Liz Rose” Catherine mentioned before diving into the wondrous Cinderella. Now Liz Rose is the song writer who is responsible for Taylor Swift’s early material. Anyways Cinderella was a tantalising cut which Catherine McGrath delivered sublimely, her vocals were exquisite and then you had those dreamy lyrics which recounted Disney’s fairy tale Cinderella “What if tonight’s our night/ What if we kiss just right/ What if we found what we’re looking for in each others eyes/ What if it sets us free/ What if it’s meant to be/ What if it’s that easy/ What if the shoe fits me”. The second cover of the evening came in the form of Rascal Flatts, now Ellsworth was one of McGrath’s favourite songs ever. Catherine’s succulent vocals were so soft and then you had the relaxing melody which left me spellbound. Ending this outstanding evening was Never Wanna Fall In Love, this cut was brand spanking new and McGrath will be releasing it sometime this year. Now this song was an emotional rollercoaster revolving around a love that was meant to be, but then one mistake ruins the whole relationship “Shoulda been you standing with me/ Would have been everything we dreamed/ Shoulda been us, Shoulda been trust/ But it was you that messed it all up”. Catherine’s vocal tones were extremely pure heaven and those story telling lyrics showcased her impeccable songwriting skills. Never Wanna Fall In Love was a mesmerising original and it has me excited for what the rest of 2017 will hold for her.


Hell Would Have To Freeze Over
Starting From Now
Baby Girl
Never Wanna Fall In Love

OVERALL: This was a short and sweet set from the wonderful Catherine McGrath. Each of the tunes performed were incredibly enchanting, both Hell Would Have To Freeze Over and Cinderella will always be favourites of mine because I literally love the One EP and then you have the likes of Never Wanna Fall In Love and Starting From Now which showcased Catherine’s phenomenal song writing abilities.

I definitely relish the prospect of hearing more of McGrath’s outstanding originals this year.


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