Aaron Towns: The Bamboo Theory EP Review


Coming all the way from Dayton, Ohio you have the impressive Aaron Towns. This talented 25 year old is a quadruple threat, not only is he a sublime singer/ songwriter, Towns is also both a producer and a self taught multi instrumentalist. Aaron has also spent time studying music across the U.S and he now resides in Los Angeles.

January 2017 saw Aaron Towns drop his debut EP. The Bamboo Theory was released through Red Light District Records and consisted of 8 marvelous tunes. Now this chilled out effort was literally pure bliss, I can pick up on sleek soulful R&B vibes which resulted in something which is incredibly pleasant on the ear.

“The Bamboo Theory”, takes you on a journey from past, present to future showcasing Aaron Towns’ full array of talents; from his early days of sampling to transforming himself into a profound musician.

Anyways this delightful mini album began with the magical Unexpected. The melody was rather light/ soothing and then you had Towns’s buttery smooth vocals which resonated plenty of slick soulful R&B vibes. Next up you then had the newest single from this exceptional EP and this coming in the shape of Love Exchange. Where do I start, this spectacular song was a breath of fresh air and then you had the delightful melody which oozed plenty of shimmering synths. This spellbinding number left me utterly enthralled on my first play though, that synth led melody resulted in something mesmerising and then you had Towns’s sugary sweet soulful vocal tones which were a slice of heaven. Plus you had those cute lyrics which revolved around falling in love “Why cant we fall in love tonight. You said you don’t believe in love at first sight?”. It was then time for an interlude and this was The Next Morning Interlude, this compelling cut was incredibly smooth and then you had Aaron’s crooning soulful vocal delivery. Nearing the end there was the presence of an electric guitar which gave this tune that psychedelic edge. As My Guitar Gently Weeps Space Silences was a fast paced sassy cut aided by vibrant vocals and contagious lyrics which packed a punch. When I listened to this dazzling track for the very first time it left me under a spell, those vibrant vocals were so sleek which resulted in something easy on my ear. The lead single Underlined expressed Aaron Towns’s values and beliefs of living every moment to the fullest and not taking things for granted. Truth Or Dare was a sultry R&B jam which I fell for hook, line and sinker. That gorgeous melody emitted plenty of chilled out vibes and then you had Aaron’s glitzy vocals. To cut things short this number was hot and steamy which left me in a complete daze. Need Her opened up with what sounded like an organ then Towns came in with his vivacious vocals which resulted in something incredibly enchanting. Those tasty lyrics oozed plenty of sex appeal “She opens the door/ She throws me on the bed/ Her clothes hit the floor/ She get on top of me” and then you have those verses which reminded me of an early Eminem. Strobe Lights then closed what had been an extraordinary EP, this was a charming cut with lyrics which had me smiling from beginning to end.

The Bamboo Theory is available to purchase on iTunes

Official Site

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