New Portals: Fill Me Up Single Review


Coming all the way from Belfast you have dazzling duo New Portals. Both Ruth and Mike Aiken made their emergence onto the music scene back 2015 with the release of Do It Right. The two years that followed they’ve released a handful of singles independently and these being Groove Boy, Skyline, Stay Here Tonight, Cage, WinterSkin, Groove Boy, Stereo and now Fill Me Up.

Here is what they had to say about this gorgeous new single “We were interested in what people choose to fill their lives with, whether it is a job, drugs, having babies, spirituality, or all of those things. We started writing a ‘make out’ song but it snowballed into something deeper, and turned into a celebration of how different we all are”.

Now if you love your synth pop then New Portals will be right up your street. Earlier this March they unleashed their debut EP Stereo which spawned the singles Groove Boy and Stereo. Now Fill Me Up is a slice of pure heaven, Ruth’s vocals were sugary sweet and then you had Mike who provided all the entrancing synth beats. Those pleasant lyrics were exquisite and that dreamy 80’s melody was rather entrancing.

Then you have the official music video which appeared on YouTube on 30th March. This was again another polished piece of perfection. Fill Me Up sees this Belfast duo playing a judging panel for a disparate talent show featuring drag queens, yoga, infatuated couples and a priest.

All in all New Portals ooze plenty of potential and in my eyes they are ones to watch out for in 2017.

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