Jesse Sarvinski: What I Said Single Review


Born and raised in California but now based in Los Angeles is the superb singer/ songwriter/ producer Jesse Sarvinski. Although he received his first guitar at age 4, he didn’t receive formal music lessons until he was 8 and began training with a piano teacher. After deciding that the piano wasn’t for him, he started to write his own songs. Years later while attending UC Irvine, Sarvinski decided to pursue music full time and moved to Los Angeles in 2004 where he launched his music career. While immersed in the music scene in Venice, CA he met a producer that helped him create his first professional track, “Criminal Love.” The song was featured on the hit ABC series Revenge. Subsequently, Sarvinski released his first LP, Higher with the help of producer Mindé in 2016; the track “We Can Let Go” was produced by Boys Like Girls lead guitarist, Paul DiGiovanni and the song “Rollin On” was produced by Josh Sklair (Etta James).

29th March saw Jesse release What I Said which is about expressing regret over feelings communicated whilst under the influence of alcohol. Now this succulent single is pure bliss, those delightful lyrics had me hooked from the very beginning till the very end. Plus this tune was smothered in plenty of hypnotising synth pop goodness.

Sarvinski’s sumptuous vocal tones were rather distinctive and I can clearly picture what’s going on within my minds eye. Basically it revolves around a couple but the guy is insecure/ paranoid “When did I become such a jealous man”. However the consumption of alcohol leads to things which aren’t meant to be said “I didn’t mean What I Said/ All I want is for you to be back in my bed/ I hope you know there is nobody that gets in my head/ The way that you do/ I didn’t mean What I Said”.

This whimsical single serves as a taster of what to expect from Jesse’s upcoming EP which he fully produced.

Official Website

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