Olsson: One In A Million (Zomby Remix/ Playgroup Remix) Single Review

Coming all the way from Sweden is dance pop stalwart Olsson. He’s s a prolific songwriter and has worked with the likes of Charli XCX, SeeB, Jacob Banks and more. Signed to Universal this talented individual has already released the sublime Hold On which features Mapei last year, then this February saw Olsson drop the sumptuous sophomore and this being One In A Million.

Now the Zomby rework of One In A Million has a shuffled break beat alongside classic piano house stabs and trancey synths, all while honouring the ‘90s garage house inspired original.

I’ve listened to this remix a number of times and I must say it’s a polished piece of perfection. Drenched in plenty of house vibes has transformed this whimsical rework into something that’s perfect for any rave.

UPDATE: Last week Trevor Jackson released his Playgroup Remix of One In A Million and this is literally sensational. Just listening to this tune left me utterly enthralled, the Playgroup remix is a fresh and funky remix with an added tropical/ house flavour.

Official Site


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