Louise Lemón: Purge EP Review


17th March saw the Louise Lemón drop the Purge EP via Icons Creating Evil Art record label. This Swedish songstress is actually no newbie to the music industry as she released her debut Irrepressible  Spirit EP was back in 2012. This tantalising effort showcased 4 sublime songs which resulted in something truly magical. Each featured tune gave off plenty of blues vibes and my favourite had to be Not Only Love.

5 years later she is back with this masterpiece, Purge again features 4 originals and her sound has been described as death gospel. She recorded Purge in a haunted cabin with Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Thurston Moore), the setting is eerie and many light years away from the current pop landscape.

Here is was Louise has to say regarding Purge “This record has been a very personal journey, first writing the songs, then getting to records it together with my long time band member and friend Anders Ludwigsson, then expanding the sound with Randall Dunn. It is very important for me to be completely involved and to be able to work with people I trust and respect. To then have them colour the music and sound is very rewarding. Working with Randall Dunn was an amazing experience and I chose him because I wanted to expand the sound, make it heavier and darker and at the same time opening it up, letting it be vulnerable The record is called ‘Purge’, and making it has really been a cleansing and growing process, everything I write is deeply personal, and to me the sounds express just as much as the lyrics”.

Now this exquisite EP offers plenty of promise and it makes me look forward to hearing more from Lemón in the future. Anyways things kick off with the amazing Appalacherna and when you compare it to any tune on the Irrepressible Spirit EP you do notice a dramatic difference. I’m literally addicted to this number, Louise’s vocal tones were rather crisp/ hazy and pleasant on the ear. Then you had the heavy melody which gave off haunting/ gothic vibes. Next up was Thirst, this tune was released as a single last year and it’s an impeccable piece of perfection. Performed at a steady pace the extravagant Thirst left me under a spell. Louise’s vocals were rather hushed and then you have that fuzzy melody which resulted in something rather hypnotic. Only Meet At Night was extremely interesting, Lemón’s vocal tones were sultry and complemented by a dreamy melody. This sumptuous single was drenched in plenty of soulful gospel vibes and the whole performance reminded me of Lana Del Rey. This mesmerising magical tune made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. Ending this exquisite EP you have Louise’s latest single and this being Egyptian Darkness. Brimming with plenty of darkness, this tempting tune was an ethereal epic. Those lyrics were spotless and Louise’s vocals packed a weighty punch reminding me of the likes of both Lana Del Rey and PJ Harvey.

Purge is available on iTunes


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