Lolahiko: Funeral Single Review

Based in Los Angeles, California Lolahiko consists of Lauren Marie (vocals) and Ike Kawaguchi (production). Their band name is a combination Lauren and Ike’s middle name, Tochihiko. This dazzling duo met in 2015 and last year they released their debut EP The Year We Died but Stayed Alive. Now this EP was a mini album and compromised of 6 tasty tracks and these being the likes of Everleigh, Plastic, Guts, Filthy Soul and the sophomore single Murderer.

22nd March saw Lolahiko drop a music video for Funeral. This tune serves as the duos debut single and what a song it was. I’ve listened to this number quite a few times and I have to say I’m well and truly enchanted. Lauren’s vocals are so hypnotising and those catchy lyrics were deliciously dark “Just don’t cry at my Funeral/ I’ve already died it’s a Funeral/ What’s the point in crying/ I’ve already done the dying”. Then on top of that you had the whole production which transformed this into a synth lovers dream.

Finally I have to mention the impeccable music video, this was literally a masterpiece. This featured a young woman who was dressed for a funeral and she tells this eerie tale about death by using sign language.

Funeral is available to purchase on iTunes

Official Site


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