Daye Jack: No Data Album Review

24th March 2017 saw Daye Jack drop his brand new album No Data via Warner Bros Records. Born in Nigeria, Daye then relocated to Atlanta at the age of 6. He split his time between playing soccer, slinging computer code, singing in choir, and listening to the likes of Eminem, OutKast, and 50 Cent. Achieving a Computer Science scholarship to NYU. During his freshmen year, he found inspiration in both the creative enclave of his classmates and the burgeoning movement of artists such as Chance the Rapper, Joey Bada$$, and Mac Miller.

2014 saw Jack self release out the Hello World mixtape. This proved to be a massive success and Daye signed his publishing to GRAMMY® Award-winning super producer Max Martin (Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake) and inked a deal with Warner Bros. Records—personally scouted by the legendary Mike Elizondo (Dr. Dre, Eminem).

2015 saw Daye Jack emerge with the debut Soul Glitch LP and later thar year he went on to release singles Piggybank, Rule The World and the Killer Mike collaboration Hands Up. Then a year later Jack bring out his debut EP Surf The Web, this tantalising release featured 7 incredible cuts compromising of the likes of Finish Line, Raw, Supernatural and Deep End which feature on the sophomore LP.

Aside from all that Daye Jack infact has collaborated with numerous artists, Killer Mike being one of them, then he featured on Tori Kelly’s tune Expensive which appeared on the album Unbreakable Smile plus he provided backing vocals on Ariana Grande’s 3rd album Dangerous Woman.

Daye Jack is a sensational rapper/ songwriter and he has crafted something majestic. No Data consists of 12 tasty tracks which left me utterly entranced. Things kick off with the introduction and this being No Data, this starts off with Daye meeting his A.I Sam. Now this fresh and funky tune was packed with a punch. The melody actually made me think of Michael Jackson. This tune was a sleek rap jam aided by vibrant verses which had me hooked “Wanna be fly/ Wanna be smooth/ There ain’t No Data”. The following 2 tracks were remixes of originals which featured on the Surf The Web EP. First up it was the Deep End (Jayvon Remix) and this being a refreshing blend of soul meets rap. Now those impeccable verses oozed plenty of attitude and then you have a smooth chilled out chorus which left me completely enthralled “I was swimming in the Deep End/ Couple sharks yea yea they just me want to see me bleeding/ Know I lost I’ll drown/ I’ll fail With nothing left, get back up, alive I feel/ Feels so good to be good/ No more pain on my back If ya hating on that/ F**k you”. Then you had the Supernatural Remix which sees Jack collaborate with Dominique. I have to say this was one refreshing jam which completely captivated me. Next it was time for Finish Line and this number showed plenty of potential, those slick uptempo lyrics left me in a daze and Jack’s sumptuous vocal tones reminded me of the UK’s Tinie Tempah. Track 5 was the Data Love Interlude and this being a smooth soulful composition which made my spine tingle. This relaxing interlude was a synth lovers dream. Lady Villain was a piece of perfection, it starts off with plenty of shimmering synths then Daye comes in with his chilled out vocals “I think you’re just an evil villain baby/ All those tricks you’re playing/ Falling, I’m falling for ya”. Daye Jack’s impressive rapped portions reminded me of from The Black Eyed Peas. All in all this groovy song is a right corker. Bully Bully hit me like a full on force, those delectable lyrics made me fall for this tune hook, line and sinker “I’ll be a fighter/ Punching like the karate kid/ Bully, Bully/ Fight for your life I said”. Remix number 3 was Raw. Now this cut featured DP & Denzel Curry which resulted in something which can quite easily have you moshing to the beat. The Need Some Mo Interlude was so relaxing and straight after it was then onto Casino. This number was rather promising, the lyrics were super catchy and those delightful vocals were so blissful. I’m literally transported to the 80’s when listening to this song. Kick Door was a smooth entrancing cut aided by luscious lyrics and a Daye’s succulent vocal tones. Now this whimsical number can quite easily get you grooving. This sensational LP then comes to a close with the exquisite No Data Outro.

No Data is available to purchase on iTunes

Official Site


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