Becca Stevens: Regina Album Review

Becca Stevens is a talented singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from New York City. Stevens is no stranger to the music industry, 2008 saw the release of Tea Bye Sea and this was the debut mini album by the Becca Stevens Band. The 7 years which followed Becca went on to release two full length albums and these being Weightless and Perfect Animal.

Today (24/03) sees Becca Stevens drop her debut album under her own name via the GoundUP Music label. Regina is literally a masterpiece plus it’s inspired by Queens and started with a study of Queen Elizabeth I. It then expanded into tributes to various queens from history, literature, folklore, and her own imagination.This luscious LP was produced by Troy Miller and features collaborations with Snarky Puppy’s Michael League, Jacob Collier, Laura Mvula, and the legendary David Crosby.

At this moment in time Stevens has only released two singles from this record, these being the punchy Queen Mab and most recently the extremely beautiful Well Loved which featured Laura Mvula.

Regina kicks off with the Laura Mvula collaboration and this being the breathtaking Venus. This majestical number was perfectly pop then you had Becca’s exquisite jazzy vocal tones. Literally they took my breath away, they were extremely crisp and Stevens hit the high notes at ease. Those vocals reminded me of both Florence Welch and Kate Bush. Lean On was impeccable indie pop aided by rich vocals, hookable lyrics and a chilled out melody. Everything about this number was simply spotless, Stevens’s vocals are pleasant on the ear which resulted in something rather whimsical. Both Still Here was a collaboration with Jacob Collier and OMG this number is too amazing for words. Now Both Still Here was a chilled out dreamy tune with the addition of luscious lyrics which captivated me until its very end. 45 Bucks was a pure piece of perfection, those lyrics packed a punch and Stevens’s vocals were pristine. Those sensational lyrics had me picturing a bad break up and it had got to the point where the partner doesn’t want to see the ex again “You can keep the money/ I don’t really need it/ If it’s gonna mean that I gotta talk to you/ I don’t even think you’re funny/ I only laugh coz I can tell you what I need to/ You can’t call me honey anymore”. Following on iwas the tantalising Queen Mab. This flawless number is a combination of pop rock meets hip hop. Becca’s vocals were another level and these left me utterly engrossed. Then those upbeat lyrics oozed plenty of sass leaving me hypnotised in the process. We Knew Love was incredibly blissful and the melody relaxed me. Becca’s vocals were literally a breath of fresh air leaving me completely enchanted then you had Alan Hampton who provided the succulent harmonies. Mercury was a colourful explosion with uber catchy lyrics and Stevens’s fluffy vocals. Delivered at a fast pace, this delectable tune struck a chord with me, those amazing lyrics were so addictive “Modern paintings are like women/ You’ll never enjoy them/ If you try to understand”. Even though I adored each of the 13 tracks which featured on this sublime LP this cut has to be my personal favourite. Regina was a sterling effort, those sumptuous lyrics left me in a daze and Becca’s vocals were incredibly soothing. Now the wondrous Regina was acoustic folk at its best. Harbour Hawk was another tune drenched in plenty of folk vibes and those tasty lyrics had me well and truly mesmerised. Well Loved was a sensational song which has been written to perfection. Both Mvula and Stevens sound marvelous together resulting in something rather chilled out. I found Ophelia to be rather mellowing, the charming melody made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge and then you had Becca Stevens’s rich and distinctive vocal tones which resulted in something incredible. The final 2 tunes were again collaborations, first up it was The Muse which featured David Crosby, this rich number oozed plenty of folk goodness and those incredible vocals resulted in something truly amazing. Closing this impeccable record was another duet with Jacob Collier and the tune in question being the George Michael/ Mary J Blige track As. I must say Becca’s acoustic take on this well known song was extraordinary.

OVERALL: Regina is one exceptional record which showcased both Stevens’s vibrant vocal tones and sizzling song writing skills. Each original is a real classic, aside from Queen Mab and Well Loved I would have to say my favourite is 45 Bucks closely followed by Mercury.


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