Miss Defiant @ The Camden Assembly 20th March 2017



Miss Defiant are an electro pop duo consisting of Jordan Cather and Emily Adams. I’ve followed their musical journey for quite a while but when they play in London there’s always an obstacle in the way. So The Camden Assembly show was to be the first time of me witnessing them live. The performance impressed me greatly, both Jordan and Emily were full of beans.

The short but sweet set kicked off with the amazing Robot. Everything about this classy cut was spot on and those hookable lyrics were sheer perfection. Actually the rapped fresh and funky vocals reminded me of Daphne & Celeste “Slap my ass it’s made out of metal/ Got more class than a Hotpoint kettle”. Then you had the chorus which was catchy like hell “I’m a Robot, I’m a Robot/ I’m a Robot, I’m a Robot/ Bitch”.


“We’re Miss Defiant as you may have gathered. We are an electro pop duo from Londons” Jordan said before they launched into You Can’t Sit With Us. Now this was a tantalising tune compromising with plenty of electro pop and luscious lyrics which oozed plenty of attitude. Anyways this infuriating cut was ever so dazzling and both Jordan’s and Emily’s rapped vocals were sugary sweet. This tune was for all the Mean Girls fans out there and the lyrics were slightly bitchy “You Can’t Sit With Us/ You Can’t Sit With Us/ Hey, hey/ You Can’t Sit With Us/ You Can’t Sit With Us/ No way”. Still this was a sublime song which had me hypnotised and Miss Defiant were literally full of beans.

Once over it was time for the fresh and funky 133T. All I can say about this tune is WOW, it was literally a full on electro pop explosion, that delectable melody is perfect for any club and the vocals packed a fierce punch.

Things then came to an end with ICYMI and this being Miss Defiant’s latest single. Everything about this was spot on, both Jordan’s and Emily’s vocals resonated plenty of attitude and that melody suck its claws into me “ICYMI in case you missed it/ I’m a bad girl and your never gonna kiss this/ ICYMI I know you missed this/ Ha, ha OMG you better put this on your wishlist”. All in all this was a compelling jam which had me moving on the spot.


You Can’t Sit With Us

OVERALL: This was the first time I witnessed Miss Defiant live and it most certainly wont be the last. I’ve been a fan for the past couple of years and they have an impeccable back catalogue. 6th May will see them headline The Camden Assembly where they will perform an extended set and then this September the debut album will come into the world.

Tonight’s set may have been short and sweet but it was nice to tantalise my tastebuds. Each original tune performed was a real gem and if you liked your rapped pop music then this duo is worth a listen.


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