Una Healy @ Country To Country @ Town Square, O2 Arena 11th March 2017



Una Healy is an impeccable singer/ songwriter, she was a member of the successful girl band The Saturdays and now Una is embarking on her very own solo career. At present Healy has released single Stay My Love which features Sam Palladio aka Nashville’s Gunnar Scott and last month saw her drop debut LP The Waiting Game. I first witnessed Healy perform her country inspired solo material at Bush Hall whilst supporting Ward Thomas. The moment she added an additional date at Bush Hall this May I immediately booked.

Aside from all that Una was one of the many reasons I wanted to attend Country To Country as her country tunes are spellbinding. I was actually fortunate with the fact Twinnie, Catherine McGrath and Clara Bond shared the same stage. Now this short but sweet set compromised of 6 gorgeous cuts. “Hey everyone. How you all doing?” Una mentioned to the crowd before embarking onto the albums title track. The Waiting Game was a sparkling tune which radiated plenty of hypnotising country vibes. This spectacular cut had been well crafted, those verses were mesmerising and then you had the infectious toe tapping chorus “Give me stormy skies/ Give me higher walls to climb, that’s just life/ Light and shade, night and day/ I’m not gonna break, yeah I’m playing The Waiting Game/ When the seas get rough/ And you, you think you’ve had enough of it all/ Let’s go again, ride the hurricane/ We’re not gonna break, yeah we’re playing The Waiting Game”. Those fluffy uplifting lyrics had me smiling from beginning till end. “I’m going to do a few tracks here today from my debut album. This next song is called Please Don’t Tell Me. It’s a very sad love song. Loving someone a bit to much basically” Healy mentioned before getting stuck into this whimsical cut. Please Don’t Tell Me was so enchanting along with lyrics which I fell for hook, line and sinker. Healy’s charming vocal tones literally mellowed me out. Those story telling lyrics tugged on my heartstrings “To love you/ The way I do/ It’s only gonna end in heartache/ But I’m gonna do it anyway/ Your touch is all I need now/ I can tell your love is fading/ Please Don’t Tell Me”.  

“This next track I wrote for my little daughter Aoife Belle because one of her first words was the moon and she always love to look at the moon and tell me what it was called. I was in a writing session one day and I decided I wanted to write her a song. I knew at that time how much the moon meant to us. I thought it was a nice way to tie in the fact that anytime I go away or when I was working or anything I felt quite guilty but the thing that tied us together was the moon. So when she looks at the moon then I’m looking back at her” Healy mentioned before embarking onto Staring At The Moon. This was a phenomenal cheery tune which left me completely enthralled. Una’s vocals were pristine and the lyrics were light and extremely touching at the same time “We are under the same night sky/ So I will always be by your side”. This delectable fun filled song oozed plenty of warmth and that Ooh La La chorus had everyone singing along. Straight after it was time for Healy’s first ever solo single and this being the delectable Stay My Love. Now this number literally took my breath away. Stay My Love was a beautiful ballad aided by hypnotic/ tender lyrics and Healy’s soothing vocals. This had been well crafted leaving me grinning all throughout “Please just Stay My Love/ Don’t you ever walk away my love/ Even just for one more day my love/ Won’t you stay my love”. “This one is actually a cover now of a really really old Celtic folk song. There’s so many different divisions of country music and alot of it comes from the Celts” Una said before diving into one of her favourite Celtic folk songs and this being Black Is The Colour. Everything about this was mind blowing, those sumptuous lyrics mesmerised me and Healy’s succulent rich vocals radiated plenty of folkish vibes. This spine tingling performance was utterly flawless and it had me completely compelled. The sublime 6 track set came to a close with the impeccable Battlelines. This tune was a blissful mix of country meets pop whilst delivered at a fast pace. Una’s vocals were sugary sweet and those lyrics had me hooked “Ooh, light your Battle Lines/ Don’t hide away the fire that burns inside/ ‘Cause outside, it is just you and me/ So no one can lose this, fight/ This fight is for love/ This fight, this fight is for love”. 


The Waiting Game
Please Don’t Tell Me
Staring At The Moon
Stay My Love
Black Is The Colour

OVERALL: Una Healy is extremely talented, not only is she an incredible singer but she’s also a sensational songstress. Even though I love The Saturdays, the country path Una has gone down has resulted in something so sublime. The debut album The Waiting Game is a real masterpiece which also featured songs such as Craving You, Alarm Bells, Grow Up Not Old, S.O.S amongst others.

As for the performance Healy was literally awesome, each tune showcased was sheer perfection which left me in a daze at the same time. I could quite easily listen to her all day and this set makes me anticipate the headline Bush Hall show this May.


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