Rachel Rose @ The Camden Assembly 20th March 2017


Grab ‘Em By The Music took place at The Camden Assembly and this was an evening to celebrate and empower women. Not only was there live music, but there were a couple of talks from Ellie Doohan and Alex Ampofo but once the music stopped there was even an open mic night.

Anyhow when this event was announced there was only one name that caught my eye. This being the baby pink haired girl Rachel Rose, the set she played was short but sweet and it was enough to satisfy me. Aside from that Rose appeared on ITV’s first series of The Voice, I never really religiously watched it when it was on BBC but this year I’ve been hooked. Those blind auditions were so brutal and I couldn’t help feel for a teary Rachel when no judge turned for her. i really wanted to give her a warm hug when viewing on my Television screen. Still Rachel Rose is a star in her own right with a superb record of sensational original to her name.


A sole Rachel Rose graced the stage around 8.20pm and delivered a spectacular 3 song set to perfection. The only thing accompanying her was a backing track. Anyways things kicked off with Right There and this number was a real epic which uplifted my spirits. Those lyrics left me completely captivated whist Rose’s upbeat vocal tones radiated plenty of sass “Don’t you do it to me baby/ Cos you know it isn’t fair/ Put my hand on my heart/ And I say/ Ooooo I got you Right There/ Don’t you do it to me baby/ Cos you gotta play fair/ No matter where they are/ I promise It’s goinna be right, Right There”. Now Rachel has created a belter of a song which oozed plenty of pop vibes. It actually makes me vision a relationship which had come to an end but the guy wants to win back the girl.

Once over it was then time for Pretty Damn Special. This was the first time witnessing this outstanding original live and Rose literally nailed it. This a blitzing number with Rachel delivered to perfection, those sugary sweet vocal tones pack a punch and then you had those addictive lyrics which had me grooving on the spot “You got me hooked hey/ I like what you bring/ You’re a Pretty Damn Special thing”. This succulent set then reached its conclusion with yet another original and this being Trouble. Everything about this cut was spot on, Rachel Rose’s vocals were sweet like cinnamon and then you had those clear cut lyrics which had me picturing a girl falling in love with someone who is a wrongun “Girl calm down/ What’s the matter, why you freaking out/ Girl watch out/ That boy is Trouble without a doubt/ Trouble, Trouble, Trouble comes with games are you ready to play/ Trouble, Trouble, Oooooo he makes me shiver when he says my name/ He’s got  something that keeps drawing me in/ He’s done something to get under my skin/ Trouble, Trouble, ooooo and I like what Trouble does to me”. All in all Rachel delivered this whimsical number to perfection and it was one that drew me in.


Right There
Pretty Damn Special

OVERALL: Rachel Rose is a true talent who never fails to amaze me. Last month I witnessed Rose perform at Boxpark in Croydon and from that moment I could see the potential in her. Her songwriting skills are insane and the debut album It’s Time is a majestical work of art.

It was a real pleasure just to witness Rose perform these sizzling songs live yet again, it may have been only 3 tracks but my taste buds were tantalised and I cannot wait for the next show.


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