Introducing: Alli Walker

Coming all the way from Toronto, Canada is the next sensation and this being Alli Walker. Now she’s an impressive singer/ songwriter who is set to make her emergence onto the music scene with debut single Head In The Clouds.

Growing up in Summerside, Alli did it all , she played drums, guitar, bass and piano; step-danced and highland danced, but her real passion at the time was playing the bag pipes. Her pipe band was Grade 3 North American Champions and fourth in the world at the World Pipe Band Championship in Glasgow, Scotland.

Now Alli Walker always liked to sing but never did so in public. What awakened that bug was when she auditioned for her High School Musical just for fun, the production was Footloose and Walker ended up getting the lead female role. Alli then took singing lessons so she could get onto the music program at University that September. Alli secured the place, but after nearly a year of studying classical voice at the University of Prince Edward Island, she found she didn’t enjoy it. Alli Walker then spent the Summer in a dinner theatre show playing drums, guitar, bass, and singing, then moved to Toronto in September 2009 to make her musical dream a reality.

Within a week, she auditioned to be MuchMusic’s next VJ, getting in the top 100, then eventually top 10, and ultimately second place. She then started to work at Grace O’Malley’s Irish pub and restaurant, that’s where she met her future husband, Eric Paul, an accomplished drummer (Big Sugar, Thornley, Hawksley Workman, Alannah Myles) and songwriter (The Trews’ “Tired of Waiting”) who started developing her songwriting and stage show.

Fast forward to 2017, Alli Walker is has dropped her debut single and it’s a right banger. If you love your electronic pop music then this is one you have to check out. I have to admit Walker has written a real gem of a song, Head In The Clouds left me utterly compelled during my very first play through.Basically it’s a groovy track which could quite easily have you moving on the spot. Those funky lyrics were a work of art and Alli’s vocals were mind blowing.

Here is what she had to say regarding this tune “Like most songs, I came up with the idea and hook for ‘Head In The Clouds’ in my car. Once I played my co-writer the not-so-hands-free-highway-driving car voice note, with my left foot as the beat, and my right foot on the gas, he was hooked. However, ’Head In The Clouds’ was a labour of love. It got re-written twice, and re-recorded two more times. I knew I really wanted to nail the vibe and not just give up on the song. In the end with all the extra attention, it ended up being one of my favourite songs for it’s funky, outside-the-box, catchy, make-you-wanna-dance feel”.

Official Site


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