Twinnie @ Country To Country @ Big Entrance, O2 Arena 12th March 2017



Performing on the Big Entrance stage inside the O2 Arena you had impeccable singer/ songstress Twinnie Lee Moore. She never fails to dazzle mean at this moment in time Moore only has one release to her name and this being the Home EP which spawned the singles Home and Cool.

Technical difficulties resulted in Twinnie’s sumptuous set starting later than advertised. The moment these difficulties were resolved Twinnie Lee Moore immediately delved into the wondrous Home. Now this was the 2nd single to be taken from the Home EP and having heard it a number of times I can say this song is a right cracker. Moore’s vivacious vocals were incredibly distinctive and the mesmerising melody resulted in something rather upbeat. The lyrics resonated plenty of rich country vibes, the vibrant verses were easy on my ear and the catchy chorus had me tapping my toe “And I know it’s just rocks and stones/ Running in my veins, you’re inside my bones/ I hear ghosts in these corridors/ But without you around, It just don’t feel like Home”. Infused to the ending it was then time for Nearly Never and this was a charming cut aided by beautiful lyrics. Twinnie’s vocal tones were spot on and she literally put everything into this infectious number. Nearly Never left me utterly compelled, you had upbeat verses and an infuriating chorus. There was a Sliding Doors feel to this number “It was raining on a Friday night/ I was driving staring down the headlights/ Took a wrong turn and saw that neon sign/ Was going to turn around but something changed my mind/ I was looking at you, You were looking at me/ Hey what you drink/ So I pulled up a seat/ You were thinking what I was thinking”. Those cute lyrics tell the story of two people meeting and it’s all thanks to fate “Just think we Nearly Never”. I really hope this storming song does see the light of day as it’s to incredible for words. “For those of you who don’t know me my name’s Twinnie, this is my lovely band” Moore then mentioned to the audience before embarking onto Oh My Lord. One word for this new cut would be enchanting. Those sparkling lyrics were so beautiful “You’re an ocean and I’m drowning deep I/ You’re a fire that keeps burning me I/ You’re the pain, you’re reminding me” plus they packed a punch at the same time. Twinnie’s sizzling vocals were so so sweet and that melody left me in a complete daze. All in all the catchy Oh My Lord was a real epic which Moore delivered to perfection. Following on was the sensational Better When I’m Drunk. “Personally I love myself when I’m drunk as my Instagram stories showed yesterday” Twinnie then mentioned before getting stuck into this tantalising tune. Everything about Better When I’m Drunk was literally phenomenal, those contagious lyrics hit me like a ton of bricks and finally you had Twinnie’s vocal tones which oozed plenty of sass “Just when I think I’ve had enough/ Then the bartender adds them up/ One shot, two shot, single malt/ You taste better with lime and salt”. This pristine cut tells the story of a wild evening where the drinks are flowing. I can only imagine that Moore felt like death the day after. “By the way whoever came to my show yesterday you’ll probably notice I’m doing all the same jokes” Twinnie quipped before diving into the charming Superhero which she wrote with Lucie Silvas. Anyways this was a beautiful ballad telling the story of a Superhero whose fallen in love. This then resulted with him losing all his super powers “I guess love has no place for a Superhero/ I was bulletproof but you shot me with an arrow/ I used to fly, but  now I fall/ I guess I’m human after all/ No love has no place for a Superhero”. There was actually a tenderness to those superb lyrics and Twinnie Lee Moore’s vocals left me well and truly spellbound. “I really wish I wrote this song. My Dad’s in the audience and he was like I hope you’re playing that song. I was like what about one of mine” Moore said to the gathered audience before covering Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing In The Dark. I must say she definitely pulled this off and Twinnie’s extraordinary take was rather refreshing. Those sumptuous vocals resonated bundles of energy and the electrifying band gave it that extra edge. “We’re going to do an acoustic song for you” Moore mentioned before embarking onto One Drink In which she wrote over in Nashville. Now this was the first time she performed this brilliant number live and honestly it is a right cracker. Delivered at a steady pace, One Drink In was a groovy cut with infectious lyrics which I found to rather charming “I’m only One Drink In, two cigarettes with you/ High baby, high on you baby/ Three songs played now you’re spinning me around this room/ High baby, high on you baby/ Thought that I be leaving lonely on a Saturday night/ Says I like I always do/ I’m just One Drink In/ Am I leaving with you”. This song was literally a work of art that was delivered to perfection. The penultimate tune of the set came in the form of More. This pristine cut was a blissful effort and the melody was rather soothing. As More progressed the steady pace then picked up and morphed into something incredibly upbeat. Twinnie Lee Moore gave this her all, those delicious lyrics had me hooked and her vocals were sweet like cinnamon which left me in a trance. Things were then wrapped up with the toe tapping Cool. 


Nearly Never
Oh My Lord
Better When I’m Drunk
Dancing In The Dark
One Drink In

OVERALL: Twinnie has something incredibly special, her vocals are on point and her songwriting abilities are sensational. Having attended both performances I can tell Moore is a country star on the rise. The songs showcased were incredible, Superhero is a single in the making and One Drink In was highly contagious. Then you have both More and Oh My Lord which has me relishing the debut LP.

Even though I enjoyed each number she showcased my personal favourites had to be both Nearly Never and Better When I’m Drunk.








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