Leon Of Athens: Aeroplane Single Review

Leon Veremis is a highly acclaimed Greek indie-pop experimentalist who has just released the first single to be taken from his forthcoming album produced by David Kosten (Bat For Lashes, Everything Everything) due out later this year.

Now Leon is no newbie to the music industry, he is infact signed to Mimosa’s Dream Records. Way back in 2015 Veremis released the debut album Global, September 2015 saw the emergence of single Baby Asteroid and finally this January saw Leon drop the tasty tune Xenos.

Last week (13/03) saw Leon release his latest single and this being the amazing Aeroplane. This song literally took my breath away, Aeroplane was blissful indie pop aided by luscious lyrics which had me smiling from beginning to end. This light/ gentle cut was pleasing on the ear and those catchy upbeat lyrics left me completely entranced “I better start,I better start running/ Even if I can’t escape/ Your love is like an Aeroplane/ Going down then flying high/ You take me for a ride”. Regarding Leon’s uplifting vocals, these were literally a breath of fresh air.

Having listened to this compelling cut I can tell that Leon Veremis is a sublime singer/ songwriter and I for one cannot wait to hear the upcoming album.

Aeroplane is available to purchase from iTunes

UPDATE: Aeroplane was written and directed by Robert Francis Müller which resulted in something rather incredible. Leon unveiled this music video a week ago and it shows a relationship which deteriorates to the point of no return. The way this video was pieced together resulted in a short movie.

I won’t lie but the music video for Aeroplane was a tad emotional.



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