Twinnie @ Country To Country @ Town Square, O2 Arena 11th March 2017


Twinnie Lee Moore is an exceptional talent, not only does she sing superbly but she also writes her own material. This year Moore was announced to play not once but twice at the O2 Arena. Now Country To Country is a three day music festival, if you love your country music then this is the festival for you.

Whilst I was priced out of purchasing a 3 day ticket, the organisers behind Country To Country do put on free stages which showcases stellar talent and one of these artists listed to perform was Twinnie. Now I’ve witnessed her many times over the past year and she never fails to amaze me.


Taking to the stage wearing a black top and ripped jeans the exquisite Moore opened up her spellbinding set with Home. Now this cut was simply sublime, Twinnie’s succulent vocal range oozed plenty of country vibes and then you had that infectious melody which had me tapping my toe. Those verses were ever so impeccable but it was the catchy upbeat chorus which had me captivated “And I know it’s just rocks and stones/ Running in my veins, you’re inside my bones/ I hear ghosts in these corridors/ But without you around, It just don’t feel like Home”.  Infused to the ending of Home you then had the tempting Nearly Never. I’ve got nothing but praise for this outstanding original. Moore literally blitzed through this insatiable cut. Those lyrics were rather cute focusing on the topic of fate and what will be, will be “I could have took that right/ I could have gone back home/ You could have never asked/ That man will play our song”. Everything about this gorgeous tune left me utterly enthralled and smiling all throughout “Me and my girlfriends out on Friday night/ Black dress on/ The one you tell me you still really like/ There was something you know I was looking for/ Of all the bars all over town/  When you walk through my door/ I was looking at you, You were looking at me/ Hey what you drinking/ So I pulled up a seat/ You were thinking what I was thinking”.  “For those of you that don’t know me my name’s Twinnie. I’ve just got back from Nashville actually” Moore mentioned before embarking onto Oh My Lord. Now this was a sparkling newie which literally dazzled me. Those lyrics were bright and breezy packing a punch in the process “You’re an ocean and I’m drowning deep I/ You’re a fire that keeps burning me I/ You’re the pain, you’re reminding me”. One word for this tantalising number would be enchanting. Next it was time for Better When I’m Drunk. This was a super sassy song which hit me like a full on force. Moore’s vocals were so pristine and those sassy lyrics were incredibly contagious “I like you Better When I’m Drunk/ Better when intoxicated/ I like you Better When I’m Drunk/ Keep them coming baby”. This was a thumping tune which had me picturing one wild evening and Twinnie put in a sterling performance. Better When I’m Drunk was a real epic and I literally cannot wait to hear the studio version. “This next one, shout out to Lucie Silvas. I wrote this with her in Nashville just recently. Has anybody seen the movie Hancock. So basically he’s the superhero Will Smith, Charlize Theron and when they come together they lose their powers. That’s what I think love does to me” Twinnie Lee Moore said before diving into the sumptuous Superhero. Now this new number was a right revelation, the melody was incredibly mellowing and then you had Moore’s superb vocal range left me completely spellbound “I guess love has no place for a Superhero/ I was bulletproof but you shot me with an arrow/ I used to fly, but  now I fall/ I guess I’m human after all/ No love has no place for a Superhero”. Anyhow this was a beautiful ballad aided by lovely/ tender lyrics, both Lucie and Twinnie have written a real masterpiece. “You will probably recognise this song” Moore mentioned to the gathered audience before delving into a Bruce Springsteen classic and this being Dancing In The Dark. Now Twinnie absolutely owned this and it was rather refreshing to see someone tackling it. The penultimate cut of the set came in the shape of another newie and this being More. Well this song was so mesmerising, the melody was fast in pace and Twinnie delivered this with plenty of gusto. The vocal tones were sweet like chocolate and those delicious upbeat lyrics left me engrossed. This extraordinary set then reached its conclusion with the catchy Cool. Oozing plenty of country/ Americana vibes this entrancing debut reminded me of The Shires. Aside from all that the vocals were spot on and those charming lyrics were extremely infectious “You can call me after midnight/ Tell you everything is alright/ Keep all my secrets safe/ Meet you on the corner at the usual place/ Maybe now is not the right time/ Can’t be yours and you can be mine/ Feels like, right now every which way we lose/ Maybe someday we will be Cool”. The beat even had me tapping my toe.


Nearly Never
Oh My Lord
Better When I’m Drunk
Dancing In The Dark


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