MALKA: Fell For You Single Review

Fell For You is the 2nd single from her upcoming sophomore album. Now the brains behind MALKA is former 6 Day Riot front woman Tamara Schlesinger. This Scottish songstress has already release multiple records on her own label Tantrum Records (2 were as a solo artist and 3 were with her band 6 Day Riot). 2015 then saw Tamara release the Marching To Another Beat and this was MALKA’s  introduction to the world. This LP spawned the singles Into The Night, Wrap It Up and Let It Go.

The moment I heard Breakout for the first time I instantly fell for this wondrous artist. This hypnotic pop tune left me spellbound, Tamara’s pristine vocals were sugary sweet and those sensational lyrics were incredible.

Aside from all that 17th March saw the release of Fell For You which is released on her very own label Tantrum Records. This actually sees MALKA get political as this new single is an Anti Trump track. Here is what Schlesinger had to say of this tantalising tune “This song really wrote itself. I had a melody running through my head for a few weeks and when I finally sat down to write the lyrics I just kept feeling angry and frustrated – and so ‘Fell for you’ was born”.

Now this was an addictive anthem aided by hypnotic beats and Tamara’s sassy vocals tones. Those contagious lyrics were on point and saw s actually sees MALKA get political as this new single is an Anti Trump track. Here is what Schlesinger question Trump becoming the next President of the USA “I don’t know why they Fell For You, they fell for your lies”. Now I’m no American but I was engrossed in the Presidency Campaign and I was extremely shocked when I woke up the next day to see Donald Trump was the next President of the USA.

Whilst there is no President of the United Kingdom, we did get Brexit which saw lies being told. Who could forget the “We’ll give the £350 million we would send to the EU to the NHS instead” bus. Only for Nigel Farage to say on Good Morning Britain after the Brexit result that the promise was a mistake

The Fake News music video for ‘Fell For You’ was illustrated by John Riordan and animated by Paul Roper.

Fell For You is available to purchase on iTunes


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