Jerry Williams: I’m Not In Love With You Single Review


Jerry Williams is a talented individual who comes all the way from Portsmouth. I’ve been a fan of Williams for a good couple of years and her song writing skills are literally impeccable. Last year saw Jerry release the Let’s Just Forget It EP which spawned the singles Mother, Let’s Just Forget About It, Velcro and ‘m Not In Love With You.

Jerry says of both the song and the video, “’I’m Not In Love With You’ is about falling completely out of ‘love’ with someone and realising you weren’t a match made in heaven. The video shows this in a house party setting, similar to the night it was written about, where we’re having a good time with friends and sharing mutual feelings of not seeing each other that way anymore”.

Now William is a talent to behold and the tunes she currently has out there in the public domain are ever so impeccable. Spotify have even added ‘I’m Not In Love With You’ to the UK’s New Music Friday playlist today. My thoughts on this succulent song are extremely promising. I’m Not In Love With You was a whimsical effort which heart tugging lyrics about falling out of love with the person you though was the one “I’m Not In Love With You but I guess I used to be/ We were side by side but now we’re ninety degrees”. This number had been well crafted and Williams’s vocals were extremely chirpy.


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