ÄNGIE: Spun Single Review

Swedish pop starlet Ängie has released her latest single through Universal. Spun follows on from last years highly claimed singles Smoke Weed Eat Pussy and Housewife Spliffin. These 2 singles saw the Daily Star dub the 21 year old “the most controversial star we’ve ever seen”, and The Sun “the most shocking pop star of 2016,” among a wealth of further shock and awe for the singer.

Now I’ve had Spun on constant repeat, this is perfect pop aided by edgy lyrics which reference the joys of sex and getting high “I smoke it, I snort it, I roll it, love it/ I buy it, I pop it, I want it, I love it”. This dope track is definitely a club friendly anthem. The melody can have you moving whilst that catchy chorus begs to be sung along to “I’m spun, hit me up, light me up, then we can go for the crime/ I’m spun, candy eyes in the night, babe, you might like my vibe/ I’m spun, put a line on the time tracks, you stay on my grind/ So spun, so spun, so spun”.

Angie’s vocal tones are ever so sweet and all in all this number had been perfectly crafted. Those delectable lyrics actually packed a fierce punch. Actually having heard Smoke Weed Eat Pussy, Housewife Spliffin and the latest single Spun makes me anticipate hearing more from this sensational artist in the nearby future.

5th April 2017 sees Ängie make her London debut at Hoxton Square Bar + Kitchen as part of April’s edition of Gold Dust .

UPDATE: Today (23/03) saw Angie unleash the official music video on YouTube and as expected it is utter perfection. Spun is an impeccable club friendly anthem with delectable lyrics which pack a fierce punch. This marvelous music video sees the controversial rising starlet sensation kicking up yet another storm – drugs, guns, snakes and flowers abound, as do gang-style balaclavas and some hot limo action.



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