John Adams: Things That Make You Beautiful/ See You Again Single Preview


17th March will see John Adams release not one but two brand new tunes via Colomen Records. I’ve heard both of these singles and wow John’s wondrous vocals are extremely chilled out. Now Adams was born in South Wales and he’s now based in California. Actually John is no newbie as he has a host of original material underneath his belt, 2013 saw the release of LP The Pavement Is My Stage, a Cover Sessions record which came out last year and he’s also released singles Dandelion Wishes, The Last Song and Lost In Christmas.

In 2011, John appeared on the X Factor singing ‘Cannonball’ by Damien Rice. He was widely credited for getting ‘Cannonball’ back into the charts, making history as the first time a song had re-entered at a higher position than the original release.

He then funded his debut album by busking across the country. ‘The Pavement Is My Stage’ was released in 2013 and reached No.7 in the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts, scored a 5 star iTunes rating and was aired on radio nationwide. John has supported household names such as Take That, Lemar, Stooshe, Luke Friend, Mike Dignam, to name a few.

Things That Make You Beautiful: This tune was rather tender and those luscious lyrics resulted in something rather mesmerising. John really knows how to craft a superb song. The moment I heard Things That Make You Beautiful I was instantly hooked, this was one majestic single which was delivered at a smooth/ entrancing pace. The vocals were something extremely special, I found them to be rather refreshing and they make me have visions of James Blunt.

This single may be incredible but the music video is something else. To put it in other terms it’s a work of art. This touching video focus on a blind girl and it was aided by succulent lyrics which sends out the message that everyone is beautiful “So if you worry your looks will fade/ Rest assure it will never will change/ The Things That Make You Beautiful/ You’re my hardest goodbye/ My favourite hello/ After all these years you don’t know/ The Things That Make You Beautiful”. Here is what John had to say about this dazzling number “When I was writing this song I was planning my wedding, my wife to-be was starting to come to terms with the fact she was 30 this year and was worried that her looks ‘may fade’. When i started to think about the ‘Things That Make You Beautiful’ there wasn’t any mention of any visual appearance, and it was all characteristics that were ‘inside’ and ones that wouldn’t change over time. I tried to mirror this concept in the music video and try to question our first impressions that are always based on appearance”.

Recently John has just released a music video for the other half of this impeccable single. See You Again was an up beat synth pop jam which had been well crafted. I could actually pick up on tinges of gospel.

See You Again was recorded at Toy Studios in Cardiff by Lee House who has produced artists including Cally Rhodes and HVNTER.

(Both these tunes are available to pre order from iTunes)

Official Site



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