King No-One: Antichrist Single Review

Yorkshire band King No-One are an indie pop quartet who have a handful of sensational songs under their belt. The members of this brilliant band are Zach Lount, Joe Martin, James Basile and Alex Townsle. They made their emergence onto the music scene way back in 2015 with the release of dazzling debut Foreign Tongue.

24th February 2017 saw King No-One drop their amazing new single and this being Antichrist. This tune is the follow-up to their previous pop-infused indie anthem Alcatraz and sees King No-One deliver a contemporary alternative-indie edge with hints of late 90’s hip-hop styling. I’ve listened to Alcatraz a number of times and it’s a groovy danced inspired indie pop jam aided by blissful vocals.

Today saw King No-One upload the Antichrist music video to YouTube. Just like the song, this is a polished piece of perfection. Here is what Zach Lount has to say about this marvelous music video “There’s always been a battle between tyranny and liberty, and this video depicts that. No two people are the same, and we should celebrate our quirks and differences, not isolate them. To at least one person, we’re all an Antichrist”. Also it addresses the issues of dictatorship and abuse of power which have been used throughout history to scapegoat those who are different.

Actually from just watching this well produced masterpiece I’m reminded German band Kraftwerk.

Regarding this sterling song, I’m left completely captivated. Zach’s vocals were buttery smooth, those lucious lyrics had me hooked from the word go, the harmonising was spot on and then you had the upbeat melody which can easily have you moving.

One word for this perfectly polished pop track would be epic.

Antichrist is available to purchase from iTunes



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