Catherine McGrath @ Country To Country @ Town Square, O2 Arena 11th March 2017



Performing at Country To Country this year you had the impeccable Catherine McGrath. This talented singer/ songwriter was born in County Down, Northern Ireland and a year and a half ago Catherine moved to London. At this moment in time she only has the acoustic One EP to her name, this outstanding release features originals such as Hell Would Have To Freeze Over, Cinderella, She’ll Never Love You and a tasty take on Jessie Ware’s Say You Love Me.

Catherine’s calendar for this month is jam packed, not only is she supporting CAM at Bush Hall on the 14th March, she’s also the supporting Canaan Smith for 6 of the 7 Back For More tour, Catherine is also performing for Under The Apple Tree Presents in Liverpool and finally her Never Fade Session at The Social will take place at the end of this month.

Catherine McGrath has a bright future ahead of her and I’m literally addicted to the country pop tunes she sings. Now this was the first time McGrath performed at C2C, both these performances went down well and I fully expect her to get invited back.

The Town Square stage played host to Catherine McGrath. This was to be a sublime 7 track showcase consisting of the 3 originals from the One EP, 3 brand spanking new cuts as well as the recently release Starting From Now. Accompanying Catherine on the stage was her guitarist Jon. Now if you’re a fan of country pop then you’ll love McGrath. Anyhow things kicked off with the sensational Hell Would Have To Freeze Over. Now this was a delicious cut aided by punchy lyrics revolving around heartbreak “Hell Would Have To Freeze Over/ Drink will start making you sober/ You would have to find me a 5 leaf clover/ Before I let you back in my heart/ Every war would have to be over/ The sun will start getting colder/ You’ll have to catch me a Supernova/ Before I let you back in my arms”. Catherine’s vocals were sugary sweet, the lyrics left me enthralled and the acoustic melody resulted in something rather mesmerising. McGrath truly has created a masterpiece and at the same time I was reminded of Taylor Swift. Starting From Now was the next to be showcased and this being the latest single. Everything about this number was spot on, Catherine’s vocals were ever so refreshing and those delectable lyrics hypnotised me “Starting From Now/ I don’t answer your calls/ Starting From Now/ I don’t open that door/ But we both know that you’re coming over/ Like you did six times before/ Starting From Now/ I won’t let you back in/ I said it before/ But this time I mean it/ Till I’m waking up beside you saying I’ll never do that again/ Starting From Now”. I was literally standing in awe whilst McGrath was performing this right in front of me. Cinderella was next on the set, I’ve got so much admiration for this song as it’s so catchy. This was a tender ballad aided by cutesy lyrics and a sweet/ enchanting vocal delivery “What if tonight’s our night/ What if we kiss just right/ What if we found what we’re looking for in each others eyes/ What if it sets us free/ What if it’s meant to be/ What if it’s that easy/ What if the shoe fits me”. Basically it is an updated take on the film Cinderella and this pristine number reminded me of Taylor Swift’s Love Story. Just In Case then followed on and this being a sparkling number aided by enchanting lyrics which I fell for hook line and sinker. Those beautiful lyrics were extremely charming, basically Catherine was singing how you shouldn’t think a relationship is doomed to fail because you may be wrong “Just In Case/ You should probably kiss me/ Probably whisper in my ear/ Probably hold me, like you need me/ Before the moment disappears/ Might end up in heartbreak/ Might not be the real thing/ But it could be/ So you should probably kiss me/ Just In Case”. This had been written to perfection and cannot wait to purchase McGrath’s album. Wild left me completely enthralled, the lyrics were sheer genius and Catherine’s vocals were sweet like sugar. Wild was the next number on the set list, all I can say about this succulent song is wow. Those luscious lyrics left me in a daze and you cannot help but feel for Catherine “It was a Coldplay concert/ On a Thursday night/ 40,000 people with there hands in the sky/ Standing by your side I shoulda been singing/ Wishing you were mine, was all that I was thinking/ I know you wanted her when you looked in my eyes/ And you almost kissed me underneath the lights/ It should be me stuck on your mind/ Taking your time/ It should be me, stealing your heart driving you Wild”. Once over it was then onto the final original taken from the One EP and this came in the shape of She’ll Never Love You. Now this was one of the first songs that Catherine wrote when she moved to London. This was an emotional ballad aided by lyrics which tugged at my heartstrings. Those clear cut lyrics had me picturing a fractured relationship. The guy has moved on to someone new but the girl still harbours feelings “She’ll Never Love You/ Like I loved you baby/ She’ll never touch you/ Like I touched you baby/ Could have had my heart inside your hands/ But you took that chance away”. Things were then wrapped up with Never Wanna Fall In Love. Now all of Catherine’s centre around love and heartbreak, now Never Wanna Fall In Love was an emotional rollercoaster. Those lyrics painted the picture of being in a relationship with the one, but he then messes things up by going astray  “Shoulda been you standing with me/ Would have been everything we dreamed/ Shoulda been us, Shoulda been trust/ But it was you that messed it all up”.


Hell Would Have To Freeze Over
Starting From Now
Just In Case
She’ll Never Love You
Never Wanna Fall In Love

OVERALL: This was a sensational set consisting of tunes I well and truly adore. New cuts Just In Case and Wild were exquisite, Catherine has a gift for writing so many sublime songs. Her sizzling vocal range reminds me of both Kelsea Ballerini and Taylor Swift.

The performance went down a real treat and McGrath pulled a sizeable crowd which is amazing for an emerging starlet.


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