Becca Stevens: Well Loved Single Review


Becca Stevens has released yet another tune from the upcoming Regina LP. The song in question being Well Loved which features Laura Mvula. This single was inspired by The Pillow Book by Sei Shōnagon, and the video – which features Stevens dancing amid broken glass that reforms at the very end – represents an understanding that in order to be loved by others we must first love ourselves.

The folk inspired Well Loved is a sensational song which has been written to perfection. Both Mvula and Stevens sound sensational together resulting in something rather chilled out. When compared to Queen Mab, this tantalising tune is extremely different and it falls down to the fact that Well Loved is a gentle folk cut resulting in something rather entrancing.

Everything about Well Loved was spot on, Stevens’s succulent vocal tones left me enchanted and then you had Mvula’s crisp soulful vocals which sent chills down my spine. I could quite easily make comparisons with Kate Bush.

Regarding the music video, this was a work of art and Becca’s outfit looks rather regal.

The Regina LP is out on 24th March. You can purchase Well Loved on iTunes

Official Site


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