Charlotte Day Wilson @ The Waiting Room 7th March 2017


Charlotte Day Wilson comes all the way from Toronto, Canada and she’s an outstanding singer/ songwriter who has a host of original songs underneath her belt. Originally she started her musical journey as the vocalist for 4 piece R&B soulful group The Wayo. Charlotte then left this outfit to pursue a solo career, since that day she’s released insatiable tunes such as After All,Work and Find You. During the past year Wilson has shared the same stage with the likes of Local Natives, Angel Olsen and Haim.

Aside from that Wilson came into my life last April, she had made her debut with the sizzling After All and then she followed it months later with the soulful Work. This February saw Charlotte announce her debut show here in the United Kingdom. The choice of venue was The Waiting Room, as expected it proved to be a sell out so an extra date was then added.

“What’s up? How you guys feeling” a solo Wilson mentioned to the intimate audience before opening with Stone Woman.  Now this song was a piece of pure perfection, the twinkling introduction resulted in something rather hypnotising and then you had Charlotte’s phenomenal vocal range which sent shivers up my spine. The short but sweet Stone Woman was performed at a steady pace and those tasty lyrics left me completely spellbound.  “I’m going to play some new songs, I’m going to play some songs that are out. But I’m really happy to be here” Charlotte humbly said before embarking onto Who Am I. Taking to the guital this was a tantalising tune which left me under a spell. Wilson’s vocals were crisp and plenty of sleek soulful vibes radiated from them. Now this song was literally a slice of heaven, the guitar playing reminded me of Charlene Soraia and those luscious lyrics had me entranced from the get go “Morning hasn’t light against the darkness, I have no/ Finally the finest hour waking up alone/ And I found a place I something of a home/ But Who Am I to belong”. Infused to the ending it was time for a bit of After All. Those soulful vocals mellowed me out and the beautiful lyrics left me mesmerised from the get go to. One word for After All would be whimsical, Charlotte’s refreshing vocal delivery was reminiscent to Jessie Ware. “So I realise I’m a one woman on stage instead of a whole band. And it makes me sad. Next time I’ll be with a full band. Here’s a new song that I’m about to play. I don’t know why I’m so nervous. You guys are so quiet” Charlotte Day Wilson mentioned before diving into Feel U. This tune radiated plenty of slick soulful vibes leaving me utterly entranced. Feel U was rather soft and it was also pleasing on my ear. Following on it was time for In Your Eyes which Wilson did with Badbadnotgood. All I can say is wow, In Your Eyes was an enchanting tune aided by a flawless vocal delivery which left me completely relaxed. Wilson’s smouldering vocals were incredibly rich. “So I’m going to try something different because this is such a quiet audience. It’s a really positive thing, like it’s very rare that I get the pleasure to perform this quiet” Wilson mentioned. The audience may have been silent but that was due to the fact everyone was mesmerised by the talent that was Charlotte Day Wilson.  Now Gospel was a spine tingling effort which saw Wilson use her loop pedal. Now this number knocked me for six, this oozed plenty of gospel vibes, the hypnotic lyrics rendered me speechless and the vocals were simply sensational. I can quite easily picture Charlotte performing this as an acapella at a church, now if that did ever happen that would be one mind blowing performance.

The final newie of the evening came in the form of Thirst. Now this track was a piece of pure perfection and those dreamy synths gave it that extra edge. Thirst was so entrancing and Wilson’s soulful vocals were sugary sweet. “You guys doing OK” Charlotte said to the audience whilst the ending of Thirst infused to the beginning of Find You. Taken from last August’s CDW EP, Find You was a sterling song which packed a punch. Now this beautiful cut resonated plenty of slick soulful R&B vibes and those majestical lyrics left me completely enthralled. My favourite part had to be the crisp/ refreshing chorus “Now that I can see, I can Find You/ Follow where it lands, right beside you/ Now that I can breathe, I can sigh too/ And swallow up the sands there that hide you/ Now that I can see, I can Find You/ Follow where it lands, right beside you/ Now that I can breathe, I can sigh too/ And swallow up the sands there that hide you/ Hide you, hide you”. Charlotte Day Wilson truly has an ability to write amazing songs. “If you know the words sing along” Charlotte Day Wilson mentioned before embarking onto the infectious Work. This was a slick sultry soulful ode to hustle with elements of R&B added in for good measure. It was rather blissful aided by Wilson’s angelic vocal delivery. “I really appreciate you guys being so attentive” Charlotte then humbly said before ending this spectacular evening with Old Skool Love. This cover was originally by fellow Torontonian Divine Brown. I’ve never heard the original but Wilson’s interpretation rendered me me speechless. Plenty of soulful R&B vibes flowed from the performance resulting in the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge.


Stone Woman
Who Am I
After All
Feel U
In Your Eyes
Find You
Old Skool Love

All in all this was one remarkable evening witnessing a talented lady who has the potential of cracking the United Kingdom. Charlotte Day Wilson is one superb singer/ songwriter and tunes such as Work, After All, Gospel and Who Am I are real masterpiece.

Wilson’s sumptuous vocal range left me utterly transfixed. I definitely relish the day when Charlotte does return to these shores with a full band.


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