Daily Dig: Kris Angelis

Coming all the way from Los Angeles, California is my brand new fascination. Kris Angelis is a talented singer/ songwriter who has a host of whimsical folk/ pop cuts underneath her belt. The fact Kris is completely independent shows me that she has plenty of passion to succeed.

Now Angelis grew up on a farm in Florida, she spent her childhood playing, running around the farm, and making up songs with her twin sister. They composed their first song at the age of three!!. Later son in life he would sing in the church choir and, when her family moved to California, in her summer camp’s musical productions. Discovering the band Hanson opened up the possibility of making music herself. She delved into learning harmonies with her twin sister, Alix, taking full advantage of the way siblings voices work together. It was with the help of a musician friend that Kris first began learning guitar. She continued learning on her own and dived right into songwriting with inspirations including Brandi Carlile, Ray Lamontagne, Taylor Swift, Hanson, The Lumineers, Elton John, Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles to name but a few.

2013 then saw Kris make her emergence with debut LP The Left Atrium. This record was awarded Best Female Album of 2013 by the LA Music Critics Awards. The video for the song “Not Your Fault” was an exclusive premiere on RyanSeacrest.com. Now I’ve listened to this delectable debut from start to finish and each of the 13 featured tracks are works of art. This record oozed plenty of folk/ pop/ country vibes which resulted in something rather magical. Kris truly has something special as each featured tune was a work of art, her vocals were sticky sweet and the lyrics had me completely hooked. It is tough to pick a favourite because each of the 13 songs were impeccable. The tracks which slightly edge it were the pacey foot tapper Half As Afraid, the upbeat Sara Bareilles sounding Rhyme Nor Reason, the dreamy Nothing You Can Say and the sweet sounding Everyday Love. Overall   The Left Atrium was a sterling effort which left me well and truly mesmerised.

Angelis was then chosen for a month long tour in Europe with Songs&Whispers in spring of 2014 and she also opened for Tyler Hilton on a US tour in August. Now Kris wants to connect with people through music and make a difference, so she partnered through Live Music Cares with Project AK-47, which rescues child soldiers, and joined the Extreme Tour in the US to bring music to underserved communities and youth. Kris played at the New Orleans House of Blues as a finalist in Belk Southern Musician competition. She’s also played at several festivals, including Sundance, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, SXSW, NAMM, and MondoNYC.

Fast forward to 2016 and this was when Kris dropped more new tunes. The first of which was Heartbreak Is Contagious. Released on 19th September this was an addictive pop cut aided by Angelis’s sugary sweet vocal tones. Radiating plenty of warmth this number was incredibly light, the acoustic guitar melody left me entranced and those delectable lyrics hypnotised me “Help me try to understand/ What’s going on inside your head/ Nothing can save us, can save us/ I don’t know if you got burned/ Listen honey, I’m not her/ Heartbreak is contagious, contagious/ Its not like we can talk it out we’ve run out of words somehow/ Can’t turn the pages, the pages/ Keep on going round and round/ How long til we figure out/ Heartbreak is contagious, contagious”. You can actually feel the pain from a dying relationship. Also I must mention that parts of this captivating cut made me think of The Lumineers.

Built This House was an enchanting piece of perfection. I’m literally in love, Angelis’s vocal tones were spot on and those delectable lyrics left me in an utter trance “Each brick inside these walls/ Floorboards that line the halls/ I Built This House for you/ I Built This House for you/ Voices I hear them all/ Pictures I watch them fall/ I Built This House for you/ I Built This House for you”. This number was literally a well written masterpiece and that melody was so chilled.

Built This House is actually a semi finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. It’s an impeccable tune so it deserves to win because it showcases Kris’s sublime songwriting abilities.

November 2016 saw the release of It’s Gonna Be Alright. All I can say about this number is wow. Everything about this song was sheer perfection. It’s Gonna Be Alright was a cheery cut drenched with plenty of folk vibes. It can quite easily brighten up anyones day.

A month later an EP of covers hit the digital airwaves. All Covered Up, Vol. 1 featured Kris’s own interpretation on well known tunes. Now the three songs on this three track EP were Cheap Trick’s I Want You To Want Me, Metallica’s Enter Sandman and Peter Gabriel’s The Book Of Love. Anyhow it was rather refreshing to hear Angelis put her own stamp on there tunes, they actually were ever so mellowing radiating plenty of folkish vibes at the same time.

Towards the end of January 2017, Kris Angelis released a brand new track and this coming in the form of Roll The Dice. This sizzling song was a real epic and it was smothered in plenty of pop goodness. This number is about the idea that it doesn’t have to lead to heartbreak and love can be a gamble. The vocals were sweet like candy and those luscious lyrics were both light/ fluffy “Maybe we’ll fly or crumble, all in or fold, no way we’ll know but/ Oh you make me wanna try, make me wanna roll the dice”.

We then get to March 2017 and the official music video to Heartbreak Is Contagious is imminent. Kris also hopes she can get Kevin Bacon to star in the music video for the song Kevin Bacon. This song was selected as the feature track in a commercial Kris starred in for her hometown of Pacific Grove, CA.

Finally the Heartbreak Is Contagious will be coming out on 2nd June 2017 and I for one cannot wait to have it on my iPod.

All in all Kris Angelis is onto something amazing. The material she has under her belt superb and her song writing ability is simply sensational. If you have a spare $1 or more then go on Kris’s Patreon and support this amazing artist to do something she loves doing.

(Patreon has 5 tiers these packages being: Seraphim $1/ 82p; Cherubs $3/ £2.46GBP ; Thrones $5/ £4.11GBP; Archangels $10/ £8.22GBP; Angels $20/ £16.45GBP)



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