Feyer: Signals Internalized Album Review


Andrew Feyer was born in New York City way back in 1993. When he was the age of 6, Feyer started to play the piano and that is when the passion for composing instrumental pieces started. 5 years later Andrew had taken up drums and was singing, playing guitar, and writing songs. He even attended college for composition, music production, orchestration, vocal and instrumental studies, scoring, and musical acoustics/engineering.

Last month Feyer release debut album Signals Internalized and this is literally pure bliss. Andrew has something incredibly special and his song writing abilities are so impeccable. Anyways this debut album showcased 12 fine tracks all of which captivated me. Opening this splendid LP was In, now this tune was merely an introduction instrumental which had my taste buds flowing. I always find instrumentals to be rather magical. This then led into I Just Don’t Know, this tune is a right revelation. I Just Don’t Know was a mixture of synth pop meets rock, Andrew’s vocals were incredibly smooth and that melody was an infuriating one. Also I picked up on plenty of 80’s vibes. We Want To See was the perfect piece of synthtronia and those candy coated vocals were extremely upbeat leaving me enthralled in the process. Communication features Marcel Rudin and one word for this tasty tune would be futuristic. Delivered at a fast pace, Communication was completely captivating and Feyer’s hypnotic vocals were sugary sweet. Also Rudin’s vocals made me think of Blink 182. The thrilling Get Over It was a compelling composition aided by breathtaking vocals and space aged synth beats. Eternally was a beautiful piece of synthtronica which resulted in something extremely dreamy. Those lovely lyrics were exquisite and they left me in an utter daze. Unfocused was so whimsical, those lyrics left me hooked and Feyer’s synthy vocal tones were sweet like chocolate. Thru was a mesmerising magical masterpiece which mellowed me out, it was then time for The Curse Of Common Man. This number is about the struggle to fit in, The Curse Of Common Man oozed plenty of retro synth pop vibes resulting in something rather upbeat. Everything about this was pristine, the lyrics were contagious and the vocals were upbeat. Taking A Turn For The Worse was a dazzling cut which packed a fierce punch. Penultimate song Wasted Time reminded me of Arabian Nights, as it progressed it became rather rock inspired. Out ended what had been an extraordinary LP. Just like the opener In, Out served as an outro.

The album process began in 2014 when Feyer was dealing with a serious physical injury, combined with an unstabilized mood. The final touches, mixing and mastering, were completed nearly two years after the start date, in 2016. Inspired by a multitude of genres, particularly the synthesized progressive rock sound of the 80s, the album journeys into Feyer’s complex mind, combining innovative electronic timbres with deeply personal lyrics.

Signals Internalized is available to purchase from iTunes



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