Delaire @ Old Blue Last 1st March 2017


London based Delaire is a talented individual who has been releasing music independently since 2014. Three years ago she released the debut Sold Our Love EP and since then she’s dropped singles Belief, Don’t Move, Hey You and Healing In Love all of which are truly remarkable. Delaire is Jenny Burdon’s moniker and she’s a sublime singer/ songwriter who has a passion for making music.

I was thoroughly impressed with what I was hearing. The startling showcase started at 9pm and the set kicked off with Hey You. I literally had to take a step back, this delightful tune was drenched with plenty of synth pop goodness. Jenny’s vocals were blissfully sweet and those captivating lyrics revolved around heartbreak. This well written number was a right gem and it left me in a trance at the same time. “This next song is called Healing In Love. It’s a song about love and healing” Jenny then mentioned to the audience before embarking onto this sterling song. Healing In Love was a synth explosion and Burdon’s angelic vocals sent shivers up my spine. From the performance I was reminded of another fantastic musician and that being Polly Scattergood. “This next song is new. I wrote it with Darren who also produced alot of my stuff” Jenny told the audience before delving into You Boy. This was a sleek sounding tune which easily had me grooving on the spot. The infectious lyrics left me in a daze and Delaire’s vocals were rather refreshing. “This next song is called Take It Slow. I also wrote it with Darren” and I have to say this number was so magical. Take It Slow had left me under a spell, Jenny’s crisp vocals were sugary sweet and those delightful lyrics were soothing on my ear. I definitely cannot wait to hear the actual studio version. “This next song is Belief and it’s one of the first songs I ever wrote” Jenny said before tackling this tempting tune. Belief was all sorts of incredible, the melody was utterly sleek, Burdon’s vocals were sweet like chocolate and those perfectly written lyrics left me in a complete trance. Anyways this succulent song oozed plenty of epicness. “This is my last song it’s called Turn Me On. I’ve been Delaire. This is my amazing sexy men” Jenny said before ending with Turn Me On. Now this cut was a right revelation, the sugar coated vocals were pristine and those synth beats gave this sumptuous song that extra oomph.


Hey You
Healing In Love
You Boy
Take It Slow
Turn Me On

OVERALL: Delaire is most definitely on to something good, having released music since 2014 this has to be her year. The material showcased was literally a work of art, whilst the synths are there I also pick up on soulful R&B vibes.

Each number performed only heightens my desire for more original material. Out of those 6 tunes my favourite had to be the opener Hey You. Delaire is definitely an artist to look out for. Also those three newies You Boy, Take It Slow and Turn Me On were sizzling hot and leaves me anticipating Delaire’s sophomore EP.


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