Daisy Clark @ The Social 27th February 2017

Headlining February’s installment of the Never Fade Sessions was the dazzling Daisy Clark. This was the first time I witnessed her perform live and it most definitely won’t be my last. Anyways Daisy Clark is a sensational singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from Newquay, Cornwall. This exquisite 18 year old actually has her very own YouTube channel where she performs acoustic covers of popular songs. Daisy’s latest viral success came in the shape of  cover of Olivia Newton John’s Hopelessly Devoted To You which appeared in the film Grease.

Accompanying Daisy throughout this short but sweet set was an acoustic guitar which worked wonders. Things then kicked off with Sugar Sweet and this original was literally outstanding. This was a captivating cut aided by Clark’s sugary sweet vocal tones which resulted in something extremely upbeat. Sugar Sweet had been well crafted because those luscious lyrics had me hooked from the word go. “Hello everyone my name’s Daisy Clark. That was my original song called Sugar Sweet and this next one is my newest original called Once Upon A Time” she then said to the gathered audience. Once Upon A Time was beautiful song which literally took my breath away. Now this succulent song was delivered at a mellowing pace and those whimsical vocals reminded me of both Gabrielle Aplin and Lauren Aquilina “Once Upon A Time/ There was no thinking the worst/ Once Upon A Time/ Smoke blurred your words/ But please don’t think the worst of me/ I just can’t fake happy”. Based on how fantastic Once Upon A Time is, Daisy truly has been blessed with the gift to write impeccable tunes. “This next song is called Straight A’s” Daisy then mentioned before launching into this delectable tune. Now Straight A’s was an upbeat acoustic jam aided by lush lyrics and vocals which oozed plenty of sass. It actually had me moving on the stool I was sitting on. “I’m going to do a cover now if that’s OK. This is one I always finish with at gigs” Clark said before delivering her own interpretation on Estelle’s American Boy. I really enjoyed witnessing Daisy’s own spin on this tantalising tune. The vocals were top notch and the lyrics were extremely enthralling. Still Daisy delivered this to absolute perfection, she definitely did this number justice. “A little bit more of a slower one now” Clark then mentioned before embarking onto the dreamy Time. Basically it was love at first listen, just like Once Upon A Time Daisy’s sugary sweet vocals were reminiscent to Gabrielle Aplin. Still this was a right masterpiece and those sumptuous lyrics were something else. Time was a tender tune which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. Nervously Not In Love was the penultimate song of the evening and it was a real corker. Well this was a beautiful tune with a added tinge of emotion added in for good measure “And all the little things that stop me from speaking/ With all these little insecurities/ How could I expect you to love me/ When I couldn’t even love me”. Basically this tune was a breath of fresh air and those sublime lyrics were a work of art. “This is going to be my last song. This was released actually last week which was very exciting and it went crazy. I did a cover on YouTube of Hopelessly Devoted To You from Grease and it kinda just went from there” Daisy said before wrapping things up with the tender Hopelessly Devoted To You. I must say Clark put in a sterling performance of this swooning song. Those angelic vocals were ever so dreamy and those lyrics were both gentle/ fluffy. Daisy Clark is a real diamond and this extraordinary set left me with the desire to hear more.


Sugar Sweet
Once Upon A Time
Straight A’s
American Boy
Nervously Not In Love
Hopelessly Devoted To You

OVERALL: To sum things up this was one incredible set by Daisy Clark. Her take on Olivia Newton John was phenomenal and it’s no surprise it has gone viral. Daisy is a true talent and given the fact she’s independent tells me she’s really passionate about singing and writing her own music.

The originals Clark showcased were extraordinary, my favourite had to be Once Upon A Time followed by Nervously Not In Love. Daisy has a real gift when it comes to writing her own material and I for one cannot wait to see what 2017 holds for her


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