Clara Bond @ The Social 27th February 2017

The last Monday of every month sees Gabrielle Aplin host the Never Fade Sessions. Taking place at The Social these evenings feature an line up of impeccable talent. Performing this month you had Tommy Ashby, Will Barradale, Clara Bond, Koates and Daisy Clark who headlined this exquisite event. The two artists whom intrigued me were Daisy Clark and Clara Bond. I have a friend who sung Clara’s praises and as for Daisy her take on Hopelessly Devoted To You is literally mind blowing.

So at 8.40pm Bond and her guitarist graced the tiny stage and performed an extraordinary set which tantalised the taste buds. Now Clara is an incredible singer/ songwriter who dabbles in country pop. Clara Bond made her appearance on the music stage way back in 2014 when she self released Hands On, a year later Clara followed it up with the sensational Porcelain and then 2016 saw Bond release the debut Out Of Towners EP. Anyways this was a short but sweet set which showcased Bond’s startling song writing skills. Things kicked off with the luscious Love Can’t Stay, this whimsical tune featured on the Out Of Towners EP and just witnessing this live left me completely entranced. Clara’s sumptuous vocals were literally a breath of fresh air, the smooth Love Can’t Stay was ever so catchy and it was about a love that wasn’t meant to be. I was left completely hypnotised witnessing this unfold right in front of my eyes, Bond’s vocals were sugary sweet and the melody even reminded me of Taylor Swift. “My name is Clara and this is Ollie my lovely guitarist. The next one is the next single from my most recent EP. It’s one of my faves” Bond then mentioned to the intimate audience before delving into Tambourine. All I can say about this number is WOW. Tambourine was a beautiful, blissful number aided by mesmerising lyrics which I fell for hook, line and sinker. Tambourine was a soothing country number which had been well crafted, those delectable lyrics were light/ fluffy and they emitted plenty of warmth at the same time “Ain’t it funny/ How that’s how it used to be/ You can play my heart like a Tambourine/ And I’ll say/ Darling it’s alright/ I’m going to love you all my life”. Once over it was then time for a cover and this being John Mayer’s Love On The Weekend. Despite Bond jokingly say “Watch me ruin it” she actually put in a sterling performance. What sprung to mind when witnessing this compelling cover was Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing In The Dark. “This next one is probably the saddest song I’ve ever written” Clara mentioned before getting stuck into Flashbacks. Now this wondrous song was a gentle ballad which Clara effortlessly delivered. Where is that stiff drink when you need it, true to word Flashbacks was a right tearjerker as it was about lost love “You see me only in Flashbacks/ And deja vu/ And you wonder/ If I wonder/ About you”. Things then reached its conclusion with Out Of Towners. This charming cut was a toe tapper aided by magical lyrics and Bond’s startling vocal delivery which oozed plenty of sass “We don’t speak the language/ We say things we don’t mean/ Coz baby we’re the Out Of Towners/ People like us dream/ We’re gonna get lost in the worst part/ Of every city/ Coz baby we’re the Out Of Towners/ We’re the kings and queens”. Just hearing this captivating tune acoustically was rather special.


Love Can’t Stay
Love On The Weekend
Out Of Towners

OVERALL: Clara Bond is a real diamond, her songwriting skills were sublime and the heavenly vocals were top notch. The fact Bond is completely independent tells me that she’s extremely passionate about her music. This was the first time I’d witnessed Clara and I must say I was greatly impressed. That John Mayer cover was phenomenal and those tunes which feature on the Out Of Towners EP were a work of art.

I most definitely would like to see Bond in the future and that time will come at Country To Country.



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