Daily Dig: Becca Stevens


Becca Stevens is a talented singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from New York City. She’s even a classically trained guitarist and vocalist. Stevens introduction to the music industry came in 2008 when she self released Tea Bye Sea. This exquisite 8 track EP was an infusion of jazz meets folk which resulted in something extremely enchanting. Each tune featured was so relaxing and Steven’s charming vocal tones were gentle on my ear. Just listening to this spine tingling record I can pick up on traces of Sara Bareilles and Kate Bush within Stevens’s succulent vocal tones.

My thoughts of this debut album were pretty much positive. Becca Stevens is a sublime songwriter and Tea Sea Bye is sheer brilliance. Each track featured is pure perfection, In The Midst was a chilled out acoustic number which left me in a complete daze, The Riddle was an hypnotic cut aided by crisp vocals which reminded me of Sara Bareilles, Lullabye was so relaxing and it was gentle on my ear also that saxophone solo sent shivers down my spine, Tea Bye Sea was superbly delivered and the whole performance reminded me of Kate Bush, plenty of mellowing jazz vibes radiated from the stunning Deo, Off The Chart was a full on force aided by succulent vocals which packed a punch, Fine Lines was sweetly delivered and finally the closer I Forgive You was bright and breezy tune aided by fluffy/ enchanting lyrics which had me hooked.

Over the next 7 years the Becca Stevens Band went onto release a further 2 delicious full length albums and these being Weightless and Perfect Animal.

Weightless featured original compositions such as Weightless, I’ll Notice, Traveler’s Blessing and The Riddle. These tunes literally took my breath away. Becca Stevens does have a gift for writing insatiable jazz styled songs. The Riddle previously featured on the debut EP Tea Sea Bye two years earlier.

Also it featured a good few reworkings of songs by other artists. These being There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths, Kiss From A Rose by Seal, My Girls by Animal Collective and Each Coming Night by Iron And Wine. Now Becca pulled off each track and completely made them her own.

2015’s Perfect Animal was a well written piece of perfection and it was released via Universal Music Classics. Featuring 10 tasty tracks, this was an album which left me utterly enthralled. Each song was simply sublime and oozed plenty of soothing jazz vibes. Whilst I enjoyed each track on this record my highlights had to be the rock tinged Imperfect Animals, the blissful rendition of Frank Ocean’s Thinkin Bout You, the mellowing 105 and then there was the charming Tilery.

Becca even covered Usher’s You Make Me Wanna and Steve Winwood’s Higher Love which she faultlessly pulled off at ease.

Still Perfect Animal is a credit to Becca Stevens. She really has crafted a solid sophomore. Those 7 originals were so exquisite and her vocal range quite easily leaves me in a trance. Just from listening to Perfect Animal I picked up on traces of folk, jazz, pop and rock which has resulted in sterling LP.

I guess if I witnessed her live I would be gazing into her eyes in awe over what I was witnessing.

We then get to the present day, this March will see Becca Stevens release an album under her own name. Regina was produced by Troy Miller and features creative and performance collaborations with Snarky Puppy’s Michael League, Jacob Collier, Laura Mvula, and the legendary David Crosby. This record will drop on 24th March and it’s released on the GroundUP Music imprint.

The first tune to be lifted from this record is the terrific Queen Mab. Now this is a impeccable song aided by a striking music video.

“True, I talk of dreams; Which are the children of an idle brain, Begot of nothing but vain fantasy, Which is as thin of substance as the air”

The captivating Queen Mab is a reinterpretation of Mercutio’s speech from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, one word for this upbeat cut would be majestical. The music video which Damian Weilers directed was filmed in Tanzania. It actually shines a light on the plight of albino children in Sub-Saharan Africa, specifically in Tanzania, where albinos are often killed and sold to witch doctors and others who use their body parts as ingredients in rituals and medicine.

“This video paints a portrait of a boy’s life with his father, while shedding light on the dark reality that he faces as an albino in Tanzania,” says Stevens. “Besides being rejected, ostracised, and persecuted due to superstitious beliefs, albinos in many areas of Sub-Saharan Africa live in fear of being hunted and killed.

This nightmare is a closely guarded reality that continues to threaten the lives of albinos in Tanzania. Authorities insist that this problem no longer exists, but the locals tell a very different story. There are still large numbers of albino children in hiding, and many compounds in Tanzania for albino children that as of recently are no longer allowed to be visited”.

Queen Mab is a song that I’ve had on constant repeat, it actually gets better with each listen. This single serves as the perfect introduction to the forthcoming Regina LP. Well I’ve got nothing but praise for this delectable single, Queen Mab is a combination of pop rock meets hip hop. Becca’s vocals were another level and these left me utterly engrossed. Then those upbeat lyrics oozed plenty of sass leaving me hypnotised in the process.

All in all Becca Stevens has something special and her refreshing vocal range can quite easily give you tingles.

Proceeds from the sale of the ‘Queen Mab’ single will be donated to organisations providing protection, healthcare, and educational services for albino children around the world.

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