Denny White: Traces Single Review

Denny White is a talented singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from Los Angeles. He’s also 1 half of the indie pop duo Golden Coast. Now January 2017 saw the release of the brand new single Traces. This is the followup to previously released “Psycho” and “Sweetness”, which garnered a collective 200K plays on Soundcloud and 1.6M plays on Spotify.

“Traces” reflects on how “regardless of who you are, we all share the common bond of being shaped by the many relationships in our lives, for better or worse. Some people leave nasty scars, and others leave meaningful marks. If you’re lucky enough, someone will leave one that changes you for a lifetime”.

I fell for this tasty tune on my first listen. The breathtaking Traces was soulful synth pop and at the same time it radiated plenty of chilled out vibes. Denny in fact produced and wrote this tantalising number which shows there is no end to his talents.

White’s blissful vocals were a slice of perfection, actually they sent chills down my spine. From this one song I can tell that Denny has an exciting future in front of him.

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