Callum Stewart: The Dam Single Review

Last week saw Northern Ireland’s Callum Stewart drop his latest single. The Dam has been released through Hope & Fury Records and it oozes plenty of promise. Now this delectable number was co-written with Jez Ashurst (Gabrielle Aplin, Lawson) and Emma Rohan (James Arthur, Little Mix). Also it the breakout success of his single ‘Parachute’ last year, which has clocked up over half a million plays on Spotify.

“’The Dam’ is a song about holding on in the midst of chaos, a song of restoration and hope. It was simmering in me for months before it made it to the page and finally to the studio. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it” Callum says of this tantalising track.

Callum’s passion for music started at the age of 12 where he picked up a guitar and within a year was writing his own songs. Now, just ahead of his twenties, Callum Stewart has blossomed from a bedroom singer/songwriter into one of the hottest voices coming from Ireland today.

Now The Dam is an impeccable tune which left me completely enthralled. Basically it was a slice of heaven and I definitely relish the prospect of more material from Stewart in the future. Those tasty lyrics were pure perfection and those rich/ crisp vocals left me in a complete daze. I could pick up on tinges of folk music and those flawless vocals reminded me of Ed Sheeran.

The Dam is available to purchase from iTunes

UPDATE: Today 16th March 2017 has seen Calum Stewart release the music video for The Dam. I have to say it’s rather impressive as The Dam tells a beautiful love story which captures both the highs and lows. I won’t lie but this track did tug on my heartstrings “Oh my love/ The Dam is breaking/ Over us/ The waves come crashing/ And I won’t sway, no I won’t let you drown/ So let you tears fall down”.

Here is what Callum had to say regarding this video “I wanted to convey the desperation in the song visually, representing the optimism and promise in the lyrics. ‘The Dam’ is a song about holding on in the midst of chaos, a song of restoration and hope. Two amazing actors and an incredible team helped bring the video to life, and I hope people love it as much as I do”.



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