Rachel Rose @ Boxpark, Croydon 19th February 2017


Performing at Croydon’s Boxpark was the ever so delightful singer/ songwriter Rachel Rose. Now Rose came to my attention after seeing her blind audition on ITV’s The Voice where she belted out Ellie Goulding’s Love Me Like You Do. Now this is an epic song and Rachel Rose definitely did it justice. It was a great shame no judge turned round for this lovely lady. The fact there was no feedback reduced Rose to tears.

Music is something that Rachel is extremely passionate about. Way back in 2012 she independently released her debut EP called Rachel Rose, then 2015 saw Rose release her debut album It’s Time.

Anyhow this sensational set compromised of 4 outstanding originals and 1 compelling cover. What kickstarted of this short but sweet acoustic set was Higher. This delicious number literally took my breath away, Higher was a refreshing tune, those luscious lyrics emitted plenty of sleek soulful pop vibes and the vocals were ever so exquisite. I was there sitting on the bench just absorbing in Rose’s hypnotic performance and those infectious fluffy lyrics had me smiling from beginning to end “You take me Higher/ You let me know it’s gonna be OK/ Cos you take me Higher/ When the world is to much/ You are my escape/ When everything is rocky you balance me out/ You put me at ease whenever I’m in doubt/ You take me Higher/ I’m on top when I’m with you”. One word for this tune would be cutesy. Right There then followed on and this was a majestical cut which Rachel delivered to perfection. The lyrics grabbed my attention and those vivacious vocals oozed plenty of sass “Don’t you do it to me baby/ Cos you know it isn’t fair/ Put my hand on my heart/ And I say/ Ooooo I got you Right There”. Now this number had been well crafted and it was packed with bright/ breezy verses and a chorus which left me in a complete daze. Unlike the cute Higher, the lyrics for Right There focused on a relationship that had come to an end but the guy wants to win back the girl. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself was up next and this being a Jess Glynne cover. Literally I was lost for words, Rachel completely owned this and she literally gave it her all. Those tantalising lyrics left me completely mesmerised and Rose’s vocals were rather sweet. Breaking My Heart was a sparkling song which I fell for hook line and sinker. This new cut was a right revelation which Rose wrote based on personal experience. Breaking My Heart focused on a relationship which Rachel was in when she was younger. But it ended with her getting her heart broken “When I was young and in love with you/ Safe to say I was such a fool/ Used to hang on every single word you say/ Although pathetic, I was happy with you this way/ Something happened that worried me from the start/ You were changing turn around Break My Heart”. Whilst the lyrics were a tad emotional there was some light at the tunnel as Rose sang the line “Thank you for Breaking My Heart”. Before Rachel Rose embarked onto this brilliant number she mentioned that getting her heart broken was the best thing that ever happened to her. Also Rachel showcased her rapping skills, on the whole this was so insatiable and I hope that it’s released in the future. The succulent set concluded with Trouble and what a song this was. Rose has written something that is so impeccable, those enthralling lyrics were upbeat and her vocals soared.


Right There
Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself
Breaking My Heart

OVERALL: All in all Rachel Rose has a gift, she’s been blessed with the ability to write killer pop tunes, her vocal range is superb and the fact she’s not given up on the dream shows me how passionate she actually is. Rachel has performed a slew of shows over the past years, the ones that spring to mind are Capital FM’s Summertime Ball and Glastonbury.

Whilst she didn’t make it through The Voice UK blind auditions, Rachel Rose will go from strength to strength. Her album It’s Time is literally a masterpiece and just witnessing Rose perform 3 album tracks acoustically was truly magical.

I literally cannot wait to see Rose again in the nearby future.


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