Crying Day Care Choir: Sad Season Single Review


Signed to Warner Music are a tantalising trio who come all the way from Malmo, Sweden. This talented three piece compromise of husband and wife Jack and Sara Elz, alongside Jack’s brother Bill Nystedt.

They have in fact been on the music scene for quite a while. Way back in 2011 Crying Day Choir marked their debut with the beautiful July. From that moment on they’ve independentely dropped a number of EP’s (2 being Christmas themed) and an album, this being Leave The Kingdom, which saw them play major tours across Italy and Scandinavia

Recently they’ve released their brand new single and this being Sad Season. Now this was a glorious tune which I consider to be pleasant on the ear. If you love your folk music then you’ll adore Crying Day Care Choir. When I first listened to Sad Season I could see traces of Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers and Fleet Foxes within those gorgeous vocals. The intro also reminded me of Måns Zelmerlöw Eurovision winning song Heroes.

Plenty of warm uplifting vibes radiated from this upbeat track. The vocal delivery was top notch and those tight harmonies were incredible. Crying Day Care Choir are onto a good thing here and I look forward to seeing/ hearing what 2017 has to offer them.

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