Jerry Williams: Velcro Single Review


Coming all the way the way from Portsmouth is 21 year old singer/ songwriter Jerry Williams. Jerry began her career in the music industry when she was only 18, she then went on to release 3 startling EP’s and these being A Hairdressers Called Sids, Cold Beer and most recently Let’s Just Forget It.

In fact Let’s Just Forget It won Best Produced EP at the 2016 Unsigned Music Awards, this sumptuous EP featured five stunning indie pop tracks and these being singles Mother, Let’s Just Forget Ir and the newest release Velcro. Also there was an impeccable take of The Cure’s Boys Don’t Cry.

Back to Vecro, this is a sensational song aided by contagious chilled out lyrics and Jerry’s sweet dreamy vocal tones. I fell in love with this tune the moment I witnessed Williams perform it on The Great Escape last May. From those luscious lyrics  I’m picturing a failing relationship but the girl is so in love with this guy she cannot let go “You treat me like/ Yesterdays paper a Bacardi chaser/ But when you laugh with me later/ There ain’t nothing greater”. Jerry is really stuck to the boy like Velcro.

The music video portrays the lyrics through Jerry’s eyes talking to someone who only she can see, someone in her dreams. Williams said of the track “It’s almost like I’m longing for them to be real, and this puts a spin on the lyric ‘I just want to hold you’”. The setting of the arcade and car makes for dreamy scenes, seeing Jerry dancing away in her own world and trying to talk to her fantasy partner. Actually the way it has been constructed was rather clever.

When I first viewed this mesmerising music video, I must admit it did confuse me as those enticing lyrics didn’t match with what had been shown. Then I read the description of Velcro and the whole production made perfect sense. There were moments which give away the fact Williams has an imaginary partner, these most notably being where she was playing air hockey and secondly where she was sitting in the passenger seat singing to someone who was next to her.

March also sees Jerry headline her two biggest shows to date, with a night in her hometown of Portsmouth at the Wedgewood Rooms, and a gig in the capital at The Waiting Room, which could well be the last opportunity to catch Jerry in such an intimate setting.


March 4th – Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms
March 28th – London, The Waiting Room



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