Night Talks: In Dreams Album Review

Soraya Sebghati, Jacob Butler (guitar), and brothers Josh (bass) and Cris (drums) Arteaga make up Los Angeles alternative rock outfit Night Talks. 10th February 2017 sees this impeccable band release their debut album. In Dreams has been independently released and it features 11 startling tunes.

Having been hooked on the likes of Jungle, Green, Mr Bloom and Cutting Through, In Dreams was an LP I’ve been eagerly anticipating. I was then fortunate enough to preview this record before it’s released. Those short snippets on iTunes just wet the appetite, just hearing the full studio version of each tune blew my mind.


4×4: In Dreams kicked off with this tasty treat. 4×4 was a spectacular song which left me completely captivated. It was in fact a perfect piece of blissful pop, Soraya’s vocal tones were rather sweet/ hypnotic and I fell for those catchy lyrics hook, line and sinker “I can’t get out of here/ Voices in and out my head are so unclear”. The final minute of this delectable cut resonated plenty of rock vibes. All in all I adored the luscious fast paced 4×4, if Night Talks release a 5th single I really hope it’s this one.

Green: This delightful cut is an incredible rock ballad with superb contagious lyrics. Sebghati’s smooth vocal tones complimented the rock melody to perfection. The lyrics talk about the Green Eyed Monster AKA Jealousy. “Green monster you made out of me, seen things nobody wants to see”. On the whole this number was extraordinary, the verses were fantastic whilst the smoothness of the chorus left me completely hypnotised.

Black And Blue: Now this number was literally a synth pop rock explosion. Now this was a delightful track which had been well crafted. Those lyrics were incredibly infectious and Soraya’s luscious vocals left me in a complete daze “It’s the bruise that comes back/ Because it loves me/ It’s not a lot, but I know it’s something/ Well I’m the knuckle/ That keeps on bleeding/ Bad memories, I can’t stop feeding”. To sum things up Black And Blue was a pacey song which left me well and truly hooked.

Drift: Drift was a delightful number which left me completely enthralled. Sebghati’s vocals were spellbinding and the melody oozed plenty of chilled out vibes. Then as Drift progressed the more energetic it became.

Mr Bloom: One word for the epic Mr Bloom would be magical. Soraya’s vocals were both fluffy and light which sent shivers up the back of my neck. This cut had been superbly crafted with vibrant verses and an enthralling chorus which left me well and truly mesmerised “You just have so much to say it’s/ All too soon, Mr. Bloom/ You can’t make it go away/ You’ve got to choose, Mr. Bloom”. This fun filled tune uplifted me and the smoothness of the vocals left me grinning from the beginning to the very end.

Glass: This was an enticing number which left me in a trance on my first listen. Glass was a mellowing tune aided by spectacular lyrics and Sebghati’s sugary sweet vocal tones. Everything about Glass was pure perfection, those dreamy lyrics were incredibly contagious leaving me completely relaxed in the process.

Jungle: Jungle is a whimsical rock tinge cut aided by luscious verses and a sleek chorus which radiated plenty of energy. Soraya Sebgahti’s fluffy vocals left me in entranced and on the whole this track was a well written slice of perfection.

Eye To Eye: I literally adored Eye To Eye, those infectious lyrics left me swaying from side to side and Soraya’s vivacious vocals were spellbinding.

If I Fall: Delivered at a steady pace, If I Fall was a dazzling tune aided by compelling lyrics and Sebghati’s gentle vocal range which sent chills up my spine.

Cutting Through: This was a pacey track aided by hypnotic lyrics and a stellar vocal delivery by Soraya. Actually those vocals were pleasant on my ear which made me pick up on some pop/ rock vibes. When listening to this gorgeous number I’m reminded of Paramore’s Hayley Williams. It then culminates with an explosive ending, so much energy radiated from Sonya’s soaring vocals. This frantic ending reminded me of Welsh alternative rock band The Joy Formidable.

In Dreams: Things then end with the albums title track. In Dreams is the perfect way to end such a sensational LP. Now this cut was a whimsical ballad with soft/ gentle vocals which left me utterly engrossed. Also those succulent lyrics left me enthralled from beginning to end.


OVERALL: All in all this was one hell of a debut, basically In Dreams was a work of art. Yes Soraya Sebghati maybe the leading lady but it is Jacob, Cris and Josh who give each song that extra oomph. In Dreams literally took my breath away, where as I enjoy the singles Jungle, Cutting Through, Green and Mr Bloom my highlights had to be 4×4, Glass, Black And Blue and In Dreams.

Night Talks do have something extremely special and I look forward to seeing what 2017 has to offer.

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