Catherine McGrath @ Hoxton Square Bar + Kitchen 6th February 2017



Catherine McGrath is a sizzling 19 year old singer/ songwriter who is currently signed to Warner Brothers. Born in County Down, Northern Ireland but now living in London, this talented teenager offers plenty of promise. For starters her country pop One EP which came out late last year was literally phenomenal.

Now February’s installment of Gold Dust saw McGrath support the likes of Camden Cox and Julie Bergman. Now this succulent acoustic set saw Catherine perform 4 outstanding originals and 2 compelling covers. She kicked things off with the sublime Hell Would Have To Freeze Over. I literally adore this hypnotic tune, those sumptuous lyrics were highly contagious and Catherine’s vocals were sugary sweet. Actually I was standing in awe gazing into her eyes whist she was delivering this song to perfection. The lyrics were clear cut as they tell the story of a boy who has messed around one too many times but he wants the girl back. The girl then gives him a list of impossible demands if he wants to win her back “Hell Wold Have To Freeze Over/ Drink will start making you sober/ You would have to find me a 5 leaf clover/ Before I let you back in my heart/ Every war would have to be over/ So it will start getting colder/ You’ll have to catch me a Supernova/ Before I let you back in my arms”. To sum things up Hell Would Have To Freeze Over if they were to get back together.


“We wrote this song called Cinderella that’s about when your friends with someone but you like them more” Catherine mentioned before launching into the wondrous Cinderella. Now this delectable tune was a beautiful ballad aided by memorable/ tender lyrics. McGrath faultlessly delivered this leaving me utterly mesmerised in the process. The lyrics updated the story of Cinderella “What if tonight’s our night/ What if we kiss just right/ What if we found what we’re looking for in each others eyes/ What if it sets us free/ What if it’s meant to be/ What if it’s that easy/ What if the shoe fits me” and it reminded me of Taylor Swift’s Love Story which told the story of Romeo & Juliet. Once over it was then time for a cover and this being Sugarland’s Baby Girl. Catherine McGrath faultlessly delivered this number to perfection, those luscious lyrics were contagious and then you had McGrath’s sweet vocal tones which left me transfixed. “Dear Mom and Dad/ Please send money/ I’m so broke that it ain’t funny/ I don’t need much just enough to get me through/ Please don’t worry cause I’m alright/ I’m playing here at the bar tonight/ This time I’m gonna make our dreams come true/ Well I love you more than anything in the world/ Love, Your baby girl”. Anyways Catherine completely owned this tune and immediately after it was time for She’ll Never Love You. Now this was the 2nd time McGrath sang this tantalising tune live and she sailed through it at ease. This was a magical number with emotional lyrics which had me picturing a fractured relationship. The guy has moved on to someone new but the girl still harbours feelings “She’ll Never Love You/ Like I loved you baby/ She’ll never touch you/ Like I touched you baby/ Could have had my heart inside your hands/ But you took that chance away”. Anyhow She’ll Never Love You was an heart breaking ballad aided by tender lyrics which Catherine flawlessly delivered.


Straight after McGrath tackled Ellsworth by Rascal Flatts. Now her attempt was literally mind blowing, Catherine’s vocals were so soft  and then you had the relaxing melody which left me in a daze. Ending the phenomenal performance was a catchy tune which McGrath wrote shortly after she moved to London. Anyways this sensational song was Never Wanna Fall In Love and it oozes plenty of potential. All of McGrath’s tunes centre around the topic of love and this one was especially heartbreaking. Those lyrics painted the picture of being in a relationship with the one, but he then messes things up by going astray  “Shoulda been you standing with me/ Would have been everything we dreamed/ Shoulda been us, Shoulda been trust/ But it was you that messed it all up”. Still this entrancing tune only heightens my desire to hear more originals in the future


Hell Would Have To Freeze Over
Baby Girl
She’ll Never Love You
Never Wanna Love You

OVERALL: One word for Catherine’s performance would be MAGICAL. She definitely has something extremely special, her songwriting skills are impeccable and the vocals were heavenly. When McGrath opened up with Hell Would Have To Freeze Over I was literally standing there transfixed.

She is most definitely onto a good thing and the One EP is only the start of things to come. Just witnessing those tunes in a live environment was something extremely special and the Sugarland/ Rascal Flatts covers were out of this world.


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