Strandels @ The Social 30th January 2017



The Never Fade Sessions take place at The Social on the last Monday of every month. The January line up saw the likes of Catherine McGrath, Strandels, Outlya and Martin Luke Brown perform spectacular sets. Unfortunately Catherine had to pull out due to illness and her replacement came in the form of Hannah Grace.

When the line up was announced Strandels were a duo who greatly intrigued me. This duo compromise of siblings Tova and Sixten Strandel who come all the way from Sweden. The debut EP Chance Of Rain hit the digital marketplaces last November and this release consists of 5 tantalising tunes. Strandels are signed to TEN Music Group who also house the likes of Elliphant, Erik Hassle, Zara Larsson and Icona Pop.

Despite being a duo there were three members up on stage. Now this succulent set consisted of 5 outstanding songs which I was hearing live for the very first time. I would say Strandels are country pop and each tune they had under their belt is simply superb. Now Human Touch kicked this off and this was an entrancing number aided by Tova’s lucious vocal delivery. There was infact a sweetness to this song and both Tova and Sixten’s vocals infused together perfectly “It’s the human touch/ That make us human/ The human touch/ Keep us going/ It’s the human touch/ That I miss so much/ Miss the Human touch/ So touch me”. Everything about Human Touch was spot on. Now Stay Young oozed plenty of country vibes and this masterpiece was written by headliner Martin Luke Brown. Anyhow this delectable cut was fast in tempo and those juicy cheerful lyrics were so infectious. The verses were spellbinding but it was the light chorus which left me smiling “When we grow old we’ll still be dancing in the morning light/ Not being shadows in the corners of a trouble mind/ When we’re broken then we’ll carry on/ Keep on living til the day we’re gone/ Why don’t we stay young/ Young/ Forever”. Once they faultlessly delivered the beautiful Stay Young it was then time for a cover and this being Emmylou Harris’s Gold. Anyhow Strandels take on this cut was both short and sweet. Those delicious lyrics were contagious and the vocal delivery was utterly enchanting. Straight after it was then time for Chance Of Rain and oh my god this tune was amazing. Now I found this number to be rather mesmerising, the way both Tova’s and Sixten’s sweet vocals gelled together resulted in something ever so magical. Those vivacious verses were sublime and that light catchy chorus had me well and truly hooked “If there’s a chance of rain/ Then we should all just go out anyway/ Better to dry again/ Than stay inside just ’cause we’re too afraid/ Hiding until better days/ Let’s go wash our pain away/ If there’s a chance of rain/ You still have sun upon your face”. Things came to a close with The Final Bow and this song was startling. Plenty of strong country vibes radiated from this slow paced cut.


Human Touch
Stay Young
Chance Of Rain
The Final Bow

OVERALL: This was the first time hearing material from Strandels and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. I’m most definitely intrigued and the material they showcased was out of this world.

Having now heard the Chance Of Rain EP, I can tell that Strandels are onto a good thing. Even Hold Ya Head High is to amazing for words.

I definitely look forward to witness them performing live again


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