Alice Jemima @ Imakr Store 2nd February 2017



Alice Jemima is a mega talented singer/ songwriter whom has a handful of original material under her belt. Currently signed to Sunday Best, Alice has so far released the Liquorice EP plus singles Dodged A Bullet and Electric. This March will see the release of the anticipated self titled LP and from what I’ve heard it will be a right cracker. Also there will be a short tour of the UK which supports this album.

Aside from that the Imakr Store was the latest venue to host a sparkling set by Alice Jemima. Actually it was all for Sofar Sessions and I was extremely lucky to bag myself a ticket to this incredible event. Well the evening kicked off with a short but sweet set from the superb Alice Jemima. “Hello. This is intimate. It’s great to be here” Alice said before she opened up with the mesmerising So. Now this tune features on the Liquorice EP and it was a right treat just to witness it live yet again. Anyways this song was ever so gorgeous the opening chilled out riff reminded me of The xx. Alice’s shimmering vocals were on point and those sultry lyrics were literally a work of art. Within my minds eye I pictured a new couple who go on the first date which then leads to a night of passion which is out of character. Hence the line “So bad/ To be doing this/ So bad/ But you got me feeling wow/ And that’s all i want right now”. Next it was time for Electric and this was so sassy. Now  Jemima’s vocals were sweet like cinnamon and I found the chorus to be rather entrancing “Don’t stop you got something Electric baby/ Hypnotised by what you got Electric/ We could light this dark dark city up/ Keep it Electric baby/ Keep it Electric”. All in all I literally adored this number, those sultry lyrics left me enthralled and then you had Alice’s smooth like butter vocals which resulted in something rather majestical sounding.


Jemima then sang her own interpretation of Blackstreet’s No Diggity. Alice completely owned this, her hushed vocals were sultry and the fact it had been stripped back hypnotised me. Following on it was time for a bit of Liquorice. The verses were upbeat and spoken along with a gorgeous chorus “They say it’s all ’bout money/ Well I’ve tried so hard/ But I’ve got no money/ So I guess I’ve failed so far/ But I’ve got chocolate coins/ And candy cars/ And I’ve got my flying saucer/ Take me up to Mars”. Actually that succulent chorus was reminiscent to Lana Del Rey. The superb set then came to an end with Dodged A Bullet. Now this tune was extraordinary, the lyrics were infectious and Alice’s vocals were pristine. The verses were upbeat/ dreamy and what I consider to be the chorus was rather smooth “And Everything’s changed/ You make me go/ So let me go/ Just let me go/ You’re fading away”. Those lyrics were straight to the point which made me picture a failing relationship which resulted in the girl just giving up “When I think about you/ My heart doesn’t glow/ Not good conversations/ I should have known”.


No Diggity
Dodged A Bullet

OVERALL: My thoughts about this set are positive. Alice Jemima delivered one outstanding performance which left me anticipating the headline show at The Lexington this March. Jemima is a true talent and her song writing skills were out of this world.

The tunes showcased feature on the LP Alice Jemima and it’s one which I cannot wait to have spinning on my turn table. Her very own take on Blackstreet was outstanding but when it comes to picking a highlight from this sumptuous set, Liquorice just edges it.

Now that number is so infectious and just witnessing Alice perform it right in front of my eyes left me in a daze. I literally crave Liquorice


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