Omar Alhindi: My Intentions Single Review


Omar Alhindi is a talented singer who has dropped a brand spanking new single and this being My Intentions. Signed to Tyme Records, 2016 saw Alhindi release his dazzling debut album and this being Bedhead Level 1. Now this record featured 8 sizzling songs showcasing his superb vocal range.

Now My Intentions was a sleek soulful tinged song which Alhindi delivered to perfection. Those lyrics were so chilled out and the vocals left me in a daze. In fact Omar’s sumptuous vocals left me having visions of Justin Bieber. My Intentions was an emotional ballad and those story telling lyrics did tug at my heartstrings “I wanna be with you when we grow up/ That’s what she said, don’t know how I feel about it/ I just can’t stop thinking about you baby/ No, why can’t we be just friends”.

Dale Stelly directed the music video for My Intentions and it’s literally an emotional rollercoaster ride. This vibrant video sees Omar get into a relationship with his best friend/ dream girl and this was a relationship that’s meant to last forever “I guess I’m pretty clueless when it comes to love/ Coz loving you is pretty new to me/ What we had was perfect no doubt”. However with the rising success of Alhindi’s musical career the two lovers had to part.

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